3/23's Pre-Maintenance Patch Notes
03-21-2017, 12:57 PM
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[Image: 45yeBZQ.gif]
Update Schedule:

March 23rd 2017 (Thursday) 8:30 a.m to 10:00 a.m (1 hour and 30minutes) [KST]

Update details:

-New events.

-New costumes.

Note that the English patch will be unavailable right after the maintenance until further notice.

03/16 Maintenance Patch Notes
03-14-2017, 08:53 AM
Category: Patch Notes
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[Image: 45yeBZQ.gif]


March 16th 2017 (Thursday) 7:50 AM to 12:00 PM (4 hours) [KST]

Update details:

1. Character Updates

 ▶ Passive

  1) Transcendent Power

   - [Transcendent Power] Skill's additional damage targets have been added.

 ▶ EX Skill button will not show up if SA/SC is not achieved.

 ▶ Few character bug has been fixed.

2. PNA Updates

 ▶ Special-type PNA branch/evolve system has been added.

   - Special-type PNA branch will be unlocked through new PG Quests.

   - 10 new Special-type PNA has been added.

   - The 10 PNA can be enhanced upto Lv.30, and it will change grade every 10 levels.

   - On every grade, the enhancing costs will increase, but new stats/detrimental stat will decrease.

   - Center PG Crafting Machine will allow you to craft fuels that are used in Special-type PNA Enhancing.

 ▶ PNA Enhance Mat's max quantity has been increased from 9,999 to 99,999.

3. Dungeon Updates

 ▶ 3 New Dungeons have been added.

   - New dungeon "Physical Upgrade Lab", "Mental Upgrade Lab", and "Gremory Center Lab" has been added.

     ※ The entrance will appear after accept/clearing a specific quest.

 ▶ Location of Blue Gate has been adjusted.

 ▶ Raid Program: Irina

   - You now get Malek Crystal instead of Malek Gold Statue.

   - Radiant Phase Fiber and Big Success Aura has been added to the drop list.

5. Item Update

 ▶ Irina Shield Set

   - Fixed a bug where Raid: Irina's Shield 3-set gave an unspecified Crit Rate.

6. Costume Update

 ▶ New costumes.

   - Misteltein's Magical Girl Costume has been added.

   - Dr. Gremory's Dungeon Drop Costumees (4 Acc/1 Aura/1 Lens) has been added.

   - Dr. Gremory hair for female characters(including Tein) has been added.

7. Achievement Update

 ▶ Clear requirements for Raid Program: David solo has been decreased from 50x to 10x.

9. Tongdori Update

 ▶ Dr. Gremory's suspicious Tongdori has been added.

   - This Tongdori is only available through . It is not purchasable from Lee Bitna.

   - Although [Malicious Dark Aura of the Dead] and [Trembling Phantom Aura] won't pop up from these, Dr. Gremory's new Aura and Lens will appear. (2x chance for Aura compared to regular Tongdori)

12. Event Updates


   - 03/18 ~ 03/20

   - For every login/30/60/90/120/150 min of login, reward will be given.

 ▶ 2017 Spring Event

   - 03/16 ~ 03/30

   - Event material [Sakura Petals] can be gained from dungeons that spend 10 or more stamina(& Tiamat) will give event mats.

   - This can be used to craft event items.

13. Other updates

 ▶ You can now claim all mail attachments at once.

 ▶ Dice chatting command has been added.

   - /주사위, /dice

 ▶ Costume Wardrobe's Sort feature has been changed.

 ▶ Cash Shop Gifting Limits

   - Req Lv: 10 -> 30

   - Only giftable after 3 days of character creation



English patch is now available again.

3/09's Pre-Maintenance Patch Notes
03-07-2017, 02:07 PM
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[Image: 45yeBZQ.gif]

March 9th 2017 (Thursday) 4:00 a.m to 8:00 a.m (4 hours) [KST]

Update details:


English patch don't need an update as the game didn't update either(?).

3/02's Pre-Maintenance Patch Notes
02-28-2017, 10:33 AM
Category: Patch Notes
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[Image: 45yeBZQ.gif]
Update Schedule:

March 2nd 2017 (Thursday) 7:50 a.m to 12:00 a.m (4 hours and 10minutes) [KST]

Update details:

-New events.

-New UNION store items.

-End of Violet cybernetic merge event (100% merge chance, 90% 3* upgrade chance, 2x rates for accessories from gacha and related packages in the UNION store).

-End of Black Lamb's winter casual costume package sale (Will be sold in a different permanent set).

-End of PC Bang season 9 event with the start PC Bang season 10.

-End of current new/returnee player events with the start of similar events.

-Bug fix.

The English patch is now functional once again until the next maintenance.

2/23's Pre-Maintenance Patch Notes
02-21-2017, 11:00 AM
Category: Patch Notes
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[Image: 45yeBZQ.gif]
Update Schedule:

February 23rd 2017 (Thursday) 3:30 a.m to 3:00 p.m (11 hours and 30minutes) [KST]

Update details:

-Area 8 chapter 2 release.

-Level cap extended to 80.

-Violet cybernetic costume.
-New costumes.

-New events.

-New UNION store items.

-End of Seulbi's revamp package sale.

-Rollback compensation items will expire.

-End of valentine event.

-Removal of area 8 chapter 1 event item (gray wings).

-Delivery of 2/16's emergency maintenance compensation items.

-Bug fix.

The English patch is now functional once again until the next maintenance.

Area 8 chapter 2 teaser
02-17-2017, 03:11 AM
Category: News & Updates
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[Image: EZ0KrI6.png]

2/16's Maintenance patch notes
02-14-2017, 08:34 AM
Category: Patch Notes
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[Image: 45yeBZQ.gif]
Update Schedule:

February 16th 2017 (Thursday) 7:50 a.m to 12:00 (4 hours and 10minutes) [KST] Over.
Emergency Maintenace: February 16th 2017 (Thursday) 13:30 p.m to 20:00 p.m (6 hours and 30minutes) [KST] Over.

Update details:

-Seulbi modifications:
Quote:+Teamwork buff changed from skill ressource reduction to skill cooldown reduction.

-Seulbi Skill cube bug fix:
Quote:+Psychic explosion: The effect of reducing the cooldown by 4 seconds when using the skill from skill chain Lv 0 has been removed.
+Finisher Move Bus Bombing: Fixed to apply damage increase effect during phase power open.
+Finisher Move Rail Cannon: Magical critical dmg increase removed.
+Railgun: Magical penetration increase has been modified.
+Wormhole: *4Second cooldown reduction removed. *Vertical hitbox increased.
+Electric storm: No longer triggers master cube effect if direction key is held, no longer triggers bit consumption.

-Yuri Skill modifications:
Quote:+Finisher Move Yuri Star: Vertical hitbox increased.

-Levia Modifications:
Quote:+Hell trap: *Expert cube effect changed to "Hell Snake" buff acquisition. *80% damage reduction during skill cast.
+EX Dimensional Singularity: Increased MP recovery.
+Finisher Move Dragon of Salvation: Final explosion range increased.

-Union arena modifications.

-Raid Program Irina : now drops Irina's new combination costume parts.

-Mephisto/Vites Raid modifications:
Quote:+Changes to both boss' patterns in addition to lowering the critical damage debuff's effectiveness from 75% to 50% (when they reach 10HP bar or lower).

-Added Punisher Irina Pet:
[Image: lhAU1gt.png]

[Image: uLedOM5.png]
-Max level effects:
Quote:+Passive: 5% movement speed, 10% physical/magical penetration.

+Passive skill (triggers whenever the pet's in dungeon gauge refills and you proceed into an attack animation, requires AP):
*1200% damage in a small area in front, triggers critical damage reduction debuff, lowering its value on the target.
*-10% Ressource cost reduction.
*-10% Cooldown Reduction.
*+45% Physical/Magical Critical Damage.
* Buff lasts for 50seconds, Passive Skill is available again after 10seconds (cooldown).

+Active Skill (Used when the pet owner use the pet's active skill through hotkeys, requires AP, consumes FoxTail):
*Arrow rain: Deals 13 000% damage, damage type depends on your character (Physical/Magical/Hybrid).
*40 Seconds cooldown.
+Punisher Irina Pet Package will be on sale until 3/16, afterwards the pet should be sold individually at a lower price at the UNION store.

-Punisher Irina Combination Package sale, live until 3/16:
[Image: DQlc3eG.png]
[Image: 3CcANSK.png]
+21,900 NX package contains: *1 Star Hair. *2 Star Combination. *30 Day timed 3 Star Punisher Irina Wings. *Punisher Irina Pet Box.
+11,200 NX package contains: *1 Star Hair. *2 Star Combination. *15 Day timed 3 Star Punisher Irina Wings.

-Black Market min/max price modifications:
+Cybernetic accessories min/max price adjusted.
+Boss drop lenses min/max price adjusted.

-Removed lunar new year event materials and craft options from the craft machine.

-Happy weekend login event to start on saturday/sunday, as always.

-Winter vacation weekly buff rotation changed.
+ 20% EXP Gain and 30% Item Drop Rate for this week.

-Removed Winter Theme from area bases.



The English patch is now functional once again until the next maintenance.

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