“Circle Subscription Campaign” Held!
[Image: 620x232_circle_2.jpg]
Campaign period: 14 April 2016 (after maintenance) until 28 April 2016 (when the maintenance start)
Campaign subject
For the circles that have minimum 3 peoples in it at the end of the event.
※ If you withdrawned from the circle at the end of the campaign, you will be excluded from the campaign.

Reward Preview

 [Image: cirbox.png]
 1 x サークル加入BOX

When you use this BOX, you can get these items.

 [Image: circle_mb.png]
 10 x サークルメモリーブック

 [Image: item_pre_k.png]
 2 x プレミアム強化燃料

 [Image: cleaner.png]
 3 x 汚染クリーナー

 [Image: cloeli_3.png]
 1 x クローザーエリート育成コース3 days契約権

 [Image: quickdualcapsule.png]
 30 x 迅速デュアル回復カプセル

 [Image: res10.png]
 10 x 復活カプセル

Reward distribution date and the method
The reward will be given on 12 May 2016(after maintenance) and sended to the highest level character on your account by mail.

 ※ If you delete all characters that meets the requirement when the campaign end, you will be excluded from the campaign.
 ※ If your subscription for joining the circle still not approved when the campaign end, you will be excluded from the campaign.
 ※ Only 1 character per 1 account that can get the reward.
 ※ If there are violations to the term and conditions, they may stop the distribution.
 ※ Because some unforseen reason, the content and schedule of the event can be changed anytime.

Closers KR Information
Stamina Reset: 5AM KDT
» Other Timezones: 1PM PDT | 3PM EDT

Major Updates
» Character Rebalance (BlackLambs)
» 6/30 SA Seulbi Release
» 8/11 SC Levia Release

Latest Patch Notes
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Latest Official Media
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» Levia SC Trailer
» Tina OC Trailer

Latest Comic
» Offical Webtoon Forgetten Thief Harpy Finished

Latest Events
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Closers JP Information
Major Updates
» Global Version Update 2016.06

Latest Patch Notes
» Global Version Update 2016.06
» Patch Notes (6/20)

Latest Trailer
» Closers JP Animation

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