01/06 GM Note Translation
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I don't usually translate GM Note as it usually tends to be things that are just one sentence worthy, but as I could probably see this probably removing a good chunk off my Full Maintenance Patch Note and since there are a lot of infos on it anyway, I decided to translate it.


[Image: q109kb2.png][img]
[Image: c41607ec3e9aea046e10a878b2ccc5c0.png][Image: LBHndj1.png]

Basically, there will be three new pets on the robot NPCs, which give respective buffs for each. They also have unique active skills.
At Fully Grown and level 50:
Edgar(Mission Bot): HP +800, MP +5%, Phys/Mag Damage +25.
Allen(Crafting Bot): CD Reduce, HP/MP Cost Reduce, Attack Speed, Movement Speed increased by 5/5/4/4 respectively.
Poe(Enhancing Bot): Phys/Mag Damage +55, Critical Damage +10%.

On the topic of Circles, there will be three new hangout "zones" to choose from, and new mascots that provide what looks like devastating buffs.

[Image: d69d10c1c7acc311a5ec59751bbf833f.jpg]

The new hangout zones are Office, Dormitory, and Training Room. Now, I don't exactly know if the Training Room will simply be a theme or actually the thing we've been waiting for all this time to test damage, but we'll soon see.

[Image: e8c02dc802221064b84f73de617b745a.png]

Also, the new mascots will give new buffs. Besides the Birthday Cake Table on the first top left, every other mascots will have to be bought from the Cash Shop. Whether this NX comes out of the Circle Leader's wallets or not is unknown.

From left to right, here are the mascot's respective buffs. The separated situationals are all simultaneous.

Cake Table = Skill Cooldown Decrease +10%
Punch Man = Defense Penetration on Aerial/Back/Chase +10%
J Logo Sofa = EXP/Credit/Drop rate +10%
Cute Kitty Desk = Phys/Mag Crit Damage +10%
Kendo Armor = Add.Damage on Aerial/Back/Chase +7%

Let's see where this patch takes us...
[Image: HjlZeRz.gif]
I want that J sofa so bad but I'm not even in a Circle.
Quote:Cute Kitty Desk
Quote:which give respective buffs for each. They also have unique active skills.
At Fully Grown and level 50:
B> Poe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Once again, thank you Kanra XD
[Image: lfjZ8jD.png?1][Image: CL8OiGt.png?1][Image: 1IJcAg4.png?1]
(01-06-2016, 12:09 AM)Kanra Wrote: comes out of the Circle Leader's wallets or not is unknown

... ;_;
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