01/14 Full Patch Notes

[Image: 45yeBZQ.gif]

1. PVP Updates
 ▶ UNION Arena Balance Adjustments
   - J
    : FM2's damage has been increased, and in return the Super Armor Crash that was attached to basic attack/skills have been removed.

   - Harpy
    : iFrames not properly affecting Harpy on knockdown has been fixed.
    : The infinite catched state if 'Sonic Boom' and 'Cyclone' was cancelled was fixed.
    : Joker from 'Draw' no longer crashes super armor.
    : Bug where you could infinitely continue basic attacks was fixed.

2. Character Updates
 ▶ Level Cap Expansion
   - Black Lambs level cap has been expanded to 70.

 ▶ Character Movement Speed Adjustment
   - All character's dungeon running speed has been buffed.

 ▶ Character Skill Description
   - Harpy's skill 'Excite Again' and 'Interlude Squall's Expert Cube now has 'Aerial Use' description.
   - SA Crash +1 Description on Harpy's FM3 Master Cube has been added.

 ▶ Trade Limited for Lv.30 and below
   - Lv.30 and below will not be able to use Black Market/Personal Trades.

3. Dungeon Updates
 ▶ New Area "Lamb's Keeper Bridge" added
   - Following area can be entered from Lv.62
   - Only Black Lambs may access the area, and Wolfdogs will be updated later.

 ▶ International Airport/ Plane Gate level adjustment
   - International Airport entry level has been changed from 56 to 55.
   - Plane Gate area entry level will be changed from 53 to 55.

 ▶ Enhancer and Crafter Bot NPC in Airport has been moved.
   - Other NPCs have been moved around, also.

 ▶ 63 ~ 70 Doppelganger Inhibition Mission (Weekday Missions)
   - Entry is same for the original DIM.
   - Wolfdogs will be able to play the dungeon after their level cap expansion.
 ▶ Winter Vacation Dungeon Entry +1
   - From 01/14 to 01/21, the dungeon entry limit will increase by 1.

 ▶ Rare Costume Update Event
   - From 01/14 to 01/21, Costume and Accessory drop rate from dungeons will be 2x.

4. Monster Updates
 ▶ New Area, New Monsters
   - Monsters for "Lamb's Keeper Bridge" has been added.

5. Item Updates
 ▶ Area 6 Equipments
   - New Sets and Equipments have been added for Area 6.

 ▶ PC Cafe
   - No.

 ▶ Seal Req. Adjustment
   - Amount of seals needed seal equipments have been adjusted due to the level cap expansion. (Costumes remain the same)

 ▶ Crafting List Updated
   - Lamb's Keeper Bridge Items have been updated to the list.
   - Event Lists have been removed for few events.
   - Winter Vacation Equipment material cost has been decreased by 30%.

6. Costume Updates
 ▶ New Costumes
   - Lamb's Keeper Bridge Boss Weapon Costume has been added.
   - Lamb's Keeper Bridge Accessory has been added.
   - Event Accessories for Area 6 has been added.
   - Rare Costume has been updated.

 ▶ Rare Costume 10-Piece Add. Function
   - Eye Accessory slot will open.
   - Character voice within dungeon will be changed.
   - Set Effect Voice will be played.
   - Aura surrounding the character will be added.
   - Character Illustrations will be changed.

 ▶ Emotions for Rare Costume
   - Upon equipping all 10-pieces of the Rare Costume, /군단장 or /왕좌 emotion is possible. (They said it was available at 6-piece... What?)

 ▶ Costume Upgrade Chance
   - From 01/14 to 01/21, 2* -> 3* chance will be increased from 75% to 90%.

 ▶ New Costume Slot
   - Eye Accessory slot will be opened.
   - It has a new stat tuning group.
※ You can earn either Passive +1 or any one of the original Accessory group tuning.

7. Costume Updates
 ▶ Costume Merge System Added.
   - Refer to this link for details: Link
   - 2* costumes have 10% chance to gain Rare Costume with merge.
※ Merged Costumes come out unsealed.
   - Again, read the link for more details
   - There are two ways of choosing the outcome of failure: Base Costume retrieval or Random Retrieval. If Base Costume Retrieval was chosen, you will recover your BASE costume without any changes. With Random Retrieval, you will recover one of the two used for merged at random, and it will have a different tuning option.

 ▶ Costume Merge Guide Added
   - You can view the guide through pressing H.

8. Quest Updates
 ▶ Area 6 Quests Added
 ▶ Quest Rewards for Epilogue Area and Area 5 has been changed.
   - The rewards from the boxes have been changed.

9. Event Updates
 ▶ Character Inventory Expansion + Credit Limit Expansion
   - Inventory Slot has been expanded. (7x3 expanded for each category)
   - Bank can now store up to 500 mil.
   - Characters created before 01/14 will have the slots automatically expanded, while the following characters will have to manually expand. The last two lines will be NX.

 ▶ Black Lambs Area 6 Event
   - Event for Area 6 has been added.
   - It progresses from 01/14 to 01/28.
   - Gift will be sent to the mailbox, once per account, for the duration of the event.
   - If Area 6 DGs were cleared, event material will drop by 100%.
   - It is not tradeable or sellable, but they are movable through teh Account Bank. The materials will be deleted on 02/04.

 ▶ Fiber Giveaway
   - "The Thankful Fiber Box" will be distributed.
   - 01/14~01/21
   - During the event, you will receive this box once per account.
Boxes will be deleted on 01/28.

 ▶ Daily Mission Support Reward
   - Daily Mission Support's 6-day reward has been changed from megaphone to Green DNA 7x

 ▶ New Year Event Ended
   - Materials will no longer drop.

10. Achievements/Titles Updates
 ▶ New Titles
   - Plane Gate (Blue Invader/Red Cultist) titles have been added.
※ Plane Gate Achievements will be displayed on all characters.
   - Area 6 Achievements and Event Achievements have been added.
※ Event Achievements are only viewable by Black Lambs.
   - PVP Achievment Tab has been added.
   - Enhancing Achievement Tab has been added.
   - Rare Costume Achievements has been added.
※ It will be completed upon finishing 6-piece set.

 ▶ New Titles
   - Various new titles from Plane Gate, Area 6, Event, PVP, and Rare Costumes have been added.

11. Pet Update
 ▶ Pet passive buff icon
   - Edgar, Allen and Poe have new buff icons.

12. Circle Updates
 ▶ Circle Drink Machine Error Fix
   - Problem where potions couldn't be bought was fixed.
   - Lv2 Drink Machine 10% Sales Event will start.

13. UNION Store Updates
 ▶ Costume Merge Related Items have been added.
   - Phase Trade Silk(Tuning Pass-down) 2+1 has been added. (Bought once per account)
※ 3 Silk will be given on your first purchase of the 2+1 with 9.9k NX.
※ It will be discounted from 01/14 to 01/21, and it will turn into 12.9k after the event.
   - Male Irina Premium Package has been removed.
   - Male Irina Package has been added.
   - Inventory Slots can now be expanded with NX cash. (Characters before 01/14 has got a free expansion)
   - Black Lambs Bunny Girl/Bunny Boy 2-star Normal Package has been added.
   - Bunny Boy, Bunny Girl Accessory package has been added.
   - Christmas Costumes (one piece) has been added.

 ▶ New Dimension Conversion
   - Rare Costume Accessory has been added to the list.
   - Total of 13 Accessories with color variation has been added.
※ 2x chance to earn the accessories during 01/14 to 01/21.

14. Other Updates
 ▶ Sound being muted on game connection was fixed.
 ▶ Messenger chatting now displays on 24h clock
 ▶ Mail content not resetting has been fixed.
▶ Blue plus button always being aobve the menu on new skills has been fixed.
[Image: HjlZeRz.gif]
Area 6 details:

-No voice acting for the quest dialogue. Huh.

-Trainer, (Replaces Ran as the travel NPC.) Nata, and Hana are NPCs in "town". I'm sure the Black Lambs are just thrilled to reunite with Hana!

-New level 70 HP and MP potions. Now all those level 60 ones you have stockpiled are worthless! YAAAAAAAAAAY!

-You can access Easy, Normal, and Hard for the stages right off the bat, AND higher level difficulties can now be done for lower level difficulty quests. IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME!

-Those hedgehog things datamined a long time ago are finally enemies.

-6-2 is a raid on some UNION facility where you fight some new type of phase robot thingies they're developing.

-Turns out Area 6 is just reusing the same two areas for the stages over and over again. Enemies are different in each stage though.

-We find David Lee. He says some stuff, twirls his non-existent mustache, sics Irina on you, then you meet that Alice girl who was datamined a long time ago. David Lee lets her loose to deal with you as he runs away.

-You have to be level 65 to run stages on VH. Getting up to this point only got me to 64, with over 50% towards 63 being from the Christmas stages.....

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