01/28 Full Patch Notes.
[Image: 45yeBZQ.gif]


1. PVP Updates
▶ PVP Status Cap
- Stats will be adjusted.
1) The cap for each stats will be re-adjusted.

Crit Damage: 200%
Skill CD: 40%
Damage Reflect: 15%
Situational Crit Damage: 15%

Percentage Damage Increase: 10%
Situational Damage Increase: 25%, 30% for Awakening

- Character skill ratios will be re-adjusted.
1) All character's skill ratios will be adjusted to be around the same.
(Ex> Seha's Trainee skills and Tein's Trainee skills will be around the same percentages)
2) Percentage increase per skill level has been decreased, so that skill level does not make great difference in the play.

- Skill Ratio Properties will change.
* It will be first applied in Arena, and will later be updated the same way onto PVE.
1) All Seha's skills will be turned Physical from Magical.
2) All Tein's skills will be turned Magical from Physical.

- Seha's skills have been adjusted.
1) On aerial cast for 'Reversal', the hit count has been changed from 2 > 4
2) FM3's Extension now restands knocked down enemies.
3) During the charge animation for 'Focused Strike', Seha is not grab-able.

- Seulbi's skills have been adjusted.
1) FM1 will now restand knocked down enemies.
2) Seulbi will be not grab-able during the cast of 'Reversal'.

- J's skills have been adjusted.
1) The shockwave pulled people in on FM1 has been decreased in radius.
2) iFrames on FM2 has been removed.
3) The radius for 'Magnetized Orb' has been decreased. (It says one one specific attack, not sure which one that is)
4) When using 'Magnetized Orb' in the air, the catch radius has been decreased.
5) The distance able to be traveled with Chiropractic with input of direction keys has been decreased (Basically, less vertical movement)
6) J will now be un-grab able during 'Germanium Power' cast.

- Misteltein's skills have been adjusted.
1) FM1 hitting much more than intended was fixed.
2) FM1's extension now restands enemies.
3) The hitstun on the first Fenrir has been increased, and the explosion radius for the 2nd and 3rd spear has been fixed to be the same with the 1st.
4) When 'Release' is cast, Tein is not grab-able.

- Nata's skill has been adjusted.
1) On 'Shadow Pursuit' cast, Nata will no longer be grab-able.

- Levia's skills have been adjusted.
1) When 'Tail Whip' is cast on the ground, the situation where the extension didn't hit was fixed.
2) The aerial strike on FM1 cast now has longer hitstun.
3) During the cast of 'Summon Familiar', Levia will not be grab-able.

- Harpy's skills have been adjusted.
1) The movement speed during the cast of FM2 has been decreased.
2) On 'Draw', Harpy will not be grab-able.

- Other adjustments
1) All characters now have an equal stand up time.

▶Other Balance adjustment
- Harpy's 'Four Card' vertical hitbox has been decreased.
- iFrame buff not properly being given on Ground/Aerial Force Cancel was fixed.

▶ Ranking System in PVP
- When earning APs on Arena, it will be registered to the Rankings.
- As the Arena AP now resets on Saturday, the rankings will reset on 4AM on Saturday.
(From Thursday update, the APs will reset on 01/30 and ranking system will properly begin then.)
- Friendly Matches do not register for the ranking.

2. Character Updates
▶ Wolfdog Level Cap
- Wolfdog Characters' level cap has been increased from 62 to 70.

▶ Character Skill Adjustments
- Refer to 1,2, from Seha in PVP and 2,3 from Tein in PVP section.

3. Monster Updates

▶ Invincibility on Vites during animation removed
- Vites is no longer invincible during scene transfer.

▶ Area 6 Veronica Bugfix
- Veronica taking notice of objects in the other map during her special pattern has been fixed.

4. Area/Dungeon Updates

▶Wolfdog can now enter Area 6.

▶Area 6 Dungeon Object Placement
- Recovery Object has been placed in 6-6 and Training Program.

5. Item Updates
▶ Harpy Skill Option added'
- Harpy's skill set options have been added on Area 6 Legendary sets.

▶ Crafting List Update
- Few items have been adjusted and updated due to Wolfdog ARea 6 Event.

▶PNA Item Error
- Typos fixed.

6. Costume Updates
▶ New Costumes
- Wolfdog New Year Costumes A/B/C types have been added.
- Wolfdog Area 6 Boss Weapon Costume has been added.
- Harpy Dragon Breath Visual Costume has been added.
- When New Year Costumes (6-set) are equipped, the Hello animation changes to New Years Greeting.

▶ J's Rare Costume Set Option error has been fixed.

7. Quest Updates

▶Wolfdog Area 6 Quests added
- You can also look at Black Lamb member's profile on Area 5 through a side quest.

▶Area 5 Quest Rewards Changed

8. Event Updates

▶Entry Requirement Zero Event
- ERZ event will continue from 01/28 to 02/04.
- All Entry Materials will not be needed for special dungeons.

▶Wolfdog Area 6 Event
- 01/28~02/11
- It is basically the same event with Black Lambs, except their event material is unique to themselves.
- All event materials will be deleted on 02/18.

▶ Emergency Maint. Rewards added
- 01/21 Emergency Maint. REward will be given from 01/28~02/04.
- Emergency Maint Reward Box will be given during the period.
- All unused boxes will be removed on 02/04.

▶ Skills Free Training Rewards
- Due to Character Balance, 15-day Free Skill Train Program will be given to characters from 01/28 to 02/04.
- Once per account. However, the item itself is transferable through bank.
- The effects will be bound to the character that used it.
- All boxes/items will be deleted on 02/11.

▶ Winter Event has Ended
- Winter Event Special Dungeons have been removed. Bye bye, rare mats!

▶ Black Market Tax, Enhance Event has Ended
- Yeah.

▶Black Lambs Area 6 Event ended

9. UNION Store Update
▶ New Items
- New Year Costume A/B/C Package has been added for Wolfdogs.
- Harpy Dragon Breath A/B type Visual package has been added.
- Harpy's 'Four Card' Skill ticket has been added.
- Harpy's 'Four Card' Package has been taken off market.
- 2-star Harpy Dragon's Breath Package/Premium Package hs been taken off market.

10. Achievements/Title Updates
▶ Achievements Added
- Wolfdog Achievements for Area 6 has been added.

▶ Title Added
- Wolfdog Event Title for Area 6 has been added.

▶ Enhance Big Success will also count towards Enhance Success achievement.

11. Other Updates

▶ 1-Year Anniversary Objects has been removed.

▶ Winter Themed Objects removed. Bye bye, Penguins!

▶Scroll Control not working correctly has been fixed.

[Image: HjlZeRz.gif]
No longer active
Finally something relevant for a PVP balance, and now we wait for more....

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