02/04 Full Maintenance Patch Notes
At least they fixed SOME event dungeon bugs..
It`s 2 OA/OC costumes for account or i can have 2 of each character ?

Best dungeon ever
There's two event titles for completing the repeatable quest 5 and 10 times.

First one gives +7% to both Critical Hit Rates. Second one gives +10% to both Critical Hit Damages.

Eh, at least getting the 6-7 title on Levia didn't even get her to 70 and the VH event stage gives the most EXP per run on top of the 5 Stamina cost. But Seulbi? I wasted time running 6-7 VH with her at level 70.....
2nd title:
[Image: CW_2016-02-06_07-46-54.png]
+45 both raw attacks
+10% both critical damage
1st title:
[Image: CW_2016-02-06_14-50-52.png]
7% both critical rates
4% mov speed
2% attack speed
I have the same idea with you. Your post is so interesting your opinion is so good. I like it.
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