02/25 Full Maintenance Patch Notes
[Image: 45yeBZQ.gif]


1. Area/Dungeon Updates

 ▶ New Area: Tiamat Operations Center

   - New "Nightmare World" dungeons have been added to the new Tiamat Operations Center

   - "Nightmare World" dungeons can be entered at Lv.67~70

   - Mission Deployment robots are located on the either end of the town area. (Nightmare World: 1st Floor / Nightmare World: 2nd Floor respectively)

   - When entering Nightmare World(NM for short) with a party, there will be benefits like party buff, item drop rate increase, and additional item drop chance.

   - When entering solo, a damage buff will be given to null the difficulty.

   - Although damage buff is decreased in party, the additional item drop chance will increase according to party member counts.

   - When entering NM dungeons with 3+ members, you will have a chance to get an "Adamant" Accessory.

   - Full Party entry will increase the chance of HQ items to the maximum (Costume included)

   - Additional rewards in PC Cafe. Yeah, screw you too.

   - Event items will not drop in these dungeons. (Including UNION Gold Coins)

   - Until 03/10, the daily entry limit will be increased to 9.

 ▶ Plane Gate Revamp

   - Phase 9 and Phase 10 dungeons for Plane Gate has been added.

   - Material costs for True Equipment Sets have been greatly decreased.

   - Balance for True Equipment Sets have been increased.

   - Special Mission Area / Module / Shield / Set crafting requirements have been all cut down by 30%.

   - More materials can be earned on dungeon clear in PG.

   - Normal PG dungeons now drop Stage 3 Equipments(Lv.53 Set Equipments).

   - Non-set Equipment drop rate has been greatly increased.

   - Sealed PG Equipments will no longer drop.

   - The crafting menu now only shows the equipments that fit your character type.

   - Through the materials dropping in Plane Gate, True(Lv.54) Equipment Sets can be crafted. (Lower grade no longer use PG materials)

   - All Random Box has been removed due to difficulty nerfs to crafting.

   - When dismantling PG equipment, there is a chance for material for the new equipment items.

   - Equipment Quality Reset, Tuning Reset Limits on PG equipments have been removed. Specific items for resetting PG item will be added.

   - The rank scores are easier to obtain, allowing for more rewards with easier difficulty.

 ▶ Area 6 Boss Area now only gives Dual Recovery Object.

2. PVP Updates

 ▶ HP gauge not showing after the round ending has been fixed.

3. Character Updates

 ▶ Nata Skill Tooltip Error Fix

   - Nata's Passive tooltip not showing properly has been fixed.

     'Additional Crit Damage on Back Attack 2% -> 'Additional Damage on Back Attack 2%'

 ▶ Nata Skill Error Fix

   - Skin Slayer Master Cube effect not working properly has been fixed.

4. Monster Updates

 ▶ Tiamat Operations Center monsters added.

 ▶ Phase 9, 10 monsters and PG monster changes

   - Phase 9, 10 has been added.

   - Alraune's Burn skill now has an extra delay before taking place.

   - Alraune's Fruit Bomb skill now shows where it will hit.

   - Morax's Black Hole pattern hitbox has been changed, and new way to get through Morax has been added/

   - Morax's Hide skill has been removed, and new skill was added to take its place.

 ▶ Area 6 Monster changes

   - Teleport skills for Mirage type enemies in Area 6 has been removed. (Bosses remain the same)

   - Invincibility on Golem Genocider's 2nd Phase has been fixed.

5. Item Updates

 ▶ New Equipment

   - NM Dungeon / New PG Equipment/Sets have been added.

     For the equipment details, refer in-game and read the stats. If stats look unfamiliar, PM them to @Kanra at Discord and I will translate them for you.

 ▶ Plane Gate only Tuning Reset, Quality Reset items

   - Tuning/Quality reset items for PG has been added.

   - Following items can be used to craft the PG Item Resets.

     1) PG Quality Reset = Normal Quality Reset(유니온 기어 윤활제) + PG Materials

2) PG Equalizer(Lv.51~60) = Overclock Equalizer(오버클럭 이퀄라이저) + PG Materials

3) High PG Equalizer(Lv.61~70) = Highclock Equalizer(하이클럭 이퀄라이저) + PG Materials

▶ Receiver Option Stats Added

 - Options Stats have been added for Receivers.
[Image: 8f6e7079a2a694a55f2503499e3c39b1.png]

*Refer to this table translation in stats.

 ▶ New Pet Skill Items

   - Pet Skill Items are now sold in General Shops. (Foxtail / Foxtail [Awakened])

   - Circle Vending Machine now has new potions and pet items on sale.

 ▶ Official Costume Package [3-day] now includes Harpy's OC costume.

6. Costume Updates

 ▶ New Costumes

   - New Costume type, "Adamant" has been added.

   - Phase 9 / Phase 10 set accessories have been added.

   - Nurse / Patient Costume A/B/C types have been added.

   - New Semester Event Accessory has been added.

 ▶ Costume Upgrade Tooltip Added

   - 2 star -> 3 star upgrades that change the costume's color will have a notice regarding the chance when upgrading.

7. Quest Updates

 ▶ Black Lambs/Wolfdog 'Tiamat Operations Center' Area quests added

 ▶ All Rampant Cubes Quests will now be unable to be completed or be taken.

8. Event Updates

 ▶ 3.1 Event

   - 3.1 Event will take place from 02/27 to 03/02.

   - On every 30 minutes until 180 minutes from the initial login will yield in reward items that will be given once per account.

   - All unused items will be removed on 04/14, 8AM.

 ▶ New Semester Attendance Event

   - New Semester Event will take place from 03/02 to 03/17.

   - On every 33 minutes since initial login, reward box will be given once per Nexon ID.

   - On 03/03 to 03/17, dungeons that take 10 or more stamina will yield in "New Semester Lucky Ticket".

   - They can be used to enter a raffle on an Web Event.

   - These can be used in the crafting machine to craft an event accessory.

   - Event materials will be removed on 03/24.

 ▶ Rampant Cube Removed

   - You can no longer enter Rampant Cube.

   - All items will be craftable until 03/03.

9. UNION Store Updates

 ▶ Cash Shop Update

   - New Cash Shop merchandise have been added.

   - Male: Runaway Patient 2* - A/B/C type Premium Package

   - Female: White Angel 2*- A/B/C type Premium Package

   - These packages will be sold until 03/24.

10. Pet Updates

 ▶ An additional Awakened stage has been added for cash pets.

   - Edgar, Allen, Poe, Song Euni, and Special Police now has an Awakened stage.

   - You can advance to Awakened stage on Lv.50 of your pet.

   - When pet awakens, some skills will be changed and base stats will increase.

   - Skills that have equal percentages with the non-Awakened state will deal more damage due to stats increase.

 ▶ Pet Skill Items

   - Non-Awakened pets will use "Foxtail" when using skills.

   - Awakened pets will use "Foxtail (Awakened)".

   - They can be bought by General Shop NPCs,and they can also be crafted.


11. Achievements/Titles Update

 ▶ New Achievements

   - NM Dungeon Achievements have been added.

   - These achievements will be displayed on the mission deployment robot when choosing missions.

   - These achievements regularly reset, allowing players to claim new reward items.

   - The reset timer will be noticed later during the update.

12. Other Updates

 ▶ Costume Merge Guide Pop-up can be closed with an ESC key.

 ▶ When Party Member quits during the loading screen, the monster spawns not working properly was fixed.

▶ Special Police NPCs not showing as intended in missions has been fixed.

[Image: HjlZeRz.gif]
-You have to complete the Area 6 story quests to get into Tiamat Operations Center. Even my Misteltein who's level 70 can't get in because he barely even started them, getting up to 70 thanks to event stages.

-I have determined the new optimal setup to be 3/5 Plane Gate set, (The shields.) the new set, (2 modules, 2 shields) non-set Plane Gate module, (The red/yellow one with Back Attack/Aerial Attack, CHC, and CHD. Or one of the pink ones for Yuri.) and the Seha card.

The Dimensional Goddess(?) has three attacks she will do. They will one shot you. (Like so many other things in these stages. Good thing the event stages handed out revives like candy.)

-Red circles beneath everyone: get away from everyone else. Keep moving. Eventually the circle will stop following you and you should be able to get away in time. If not, Force Cancel when the circles stop following.

-Four yellow circles beneath someone: get away from that person/everyone else. Those four circles will go off one by one, turning red before they explode. Giving a chance to get away.

-An arrow will appear over someone. Get on top of that person/run towards everyone else and stand still. (The one with the arrow will have a small aura that protects from the attack.) Or wait a few seconds after her face appears then use Force Cancel. As far as I know the attack has unlimited range.

.....One thing I haven't figured out are these cubes that I keep getting as rewards. What are they for?

Also, the bonus missions. I tend to fail a lot of those and have no idea what they are. (Most of the ones I get are the time limits and an occasional kill 6 of a type of enemy. But I tend to get two of those and either complete one or neither. RNG missions?)
(02-25-2016, 02:09 PM)Endgame Wrote: .....One thing I haven't figured out are these cubes that I keep getting as rewards. What are they for?

Also, the bonus missions. I tend to fail a lot of those and have no idea what they are. (Most of the ones I get are the time limits and an occasional kill 6 of a type of enemy. But I tend to get two of those and either complete one or neither. RNG missions?)

The cube rewards are a "surprise", we'll be able to open them after the date mentioned on the description.

As for the bonus missions, I do believe most of them are bugged? I mean, one of them is supposed to be boss kill, but neither me nor my teammate got it so..... And later I tried to solo and I got it confirmed, which is weird.
Does anyone have a gameplay video of the operations center?
Not sure it'll let me take a video since the ingame recorder (The client shuts down when I try to use Bandicam.) causes high FPS loss and then shuts its self off when too many things are happening on-screen at once.

But basically, think EDMs. Randomly picked stages. Mostly recycled assets, same enemies we've been fighting in different sizes, minature sized bosses, etc.

However, you regularly get attacked by the dimensional goddess or whoever she's supposed to be, which you have to watch out for since you can end up killing other party members.

And the bosses have all kinds of instant death attacks. (And just plain hit hard in general. But it gets hard to see where their attacks are when everyone's constantly attacking it.....)

For example, the serpent boss does this thing where he disappears and creates a copy of himself that you get to whack on for a bit. It disappears, and then four of them disappear.

You have to kill the one you did damage to. (By looking at its HP bar.) If you attack any of the other ones (Even through Mamushi Swarm. Sorry guys. My bad.) you'll trigger a "cutscene" (As in, you won't be able to Force Cancel.) where the boss does an attack that wipes out the entire party.
(02-26-2016, 01:57 PM)Endgame Wrote: Not sure it'll let me take a video since the ingame recorder (The client shuts down when I try to use Bandicam.) causes high FPS loss and then shuts its self off when too many things are happening on-screen at once.

I recommend FRAPS for recording, although the lossless capture's downside is heavy video sizes (3~5min=10Gb++)

You can also try to record using manual settings on Open Broadcaster Software, although it might take some time to tweak it to the perfect settings for your PC to get the least possible frame drop with the best quality & optimal video file size.

Also, most of the bosses got completely new skills & patterns, for example, the doll boss will have one of the party members linked to a doll, everyone's attack will reduce by like 2000% or so, and you have to somehow solve the puzzle..

There's also a pattern where you have to collect stares by moving with a slow debuff, failing to collect all the stars will result in a one shot move from the boss, collecting all of them will freeze the boss for a while.
DC issue status: still happening~!

Happened to me during the middle of a run.....

Also, is that intern NPC David Lee's son? Because..... he really looks a lot like him.
(02-27-2016, 01:53 AM)Endgame Wrote: Also, is that intern NPC David Lee's son? Because..... he really looks a lot like him.

Nah, I doubt that guy is married to begin with, that NPC existed as circle base enhancement NPC before, no background for him I guess..

As for the DC issues, I don't even have to hit a lot of mobs at once to get it now, I got dc'd for using dodge, same happened when I used phase power release.....
It looks like we're not done with Plane Gate just yet.

I just looked over the updated crafting lists for Plane Gate gear. There's new level 70 gear to go along with Stage 9 and 10. New weapons, (The staff is better than the Nightmare World staff.) new non-set modules, and new 3 piece shield set. Enough level 70 legendary gear to fit every slot.

And to craft the gear, there's ANOTHER level of purple crystals! And to upgrade these, you need to collect a second type of crystal from Stage 9 and 10 runs.

The good news is that you can just up and craft the level 58 weapons now. No more rare drops/RNG boxes necessary.

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