03/16 Maintenance Patch Notes
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March 16th 2017 (Thursday) 7:50 AM to 12:00 PM (4 hours) [KST]

Update details:

1. Character Updates

 ▶ Passive

  1) Transcendent Power

   - [Transcendent Power] Skill's additional damage targets have been added.

 ▶ EX Skill button will not show up if SA/SC is not achieved.

 ▶ Few character bug has been fixed.

2. PNA Updates

 ▶ Special-type PNA branch/evolve system has been added.

   - Special-type PNA branch will be unlocked through new PG Quests.

   - 10 new Special-type PNA has been added.

   - The 10 PNA can be enhanced upto Lv.30, and it will change grade every 10 levels.

   - On every grade, the enhancing costs will increase, but new stats/detrimental stat will decrease.

   - Center PG Crafting Machine will allow you to craft fuels that are used in Special-type PNA Enhancing.

 ▶ PNA Enhance Mat's max quantity has been increased from 9,999 to 99,999.

3. Dungeon Updates

 ▶ 3 New Dungeons have been added.

   - New dungeon "Physical Upgrade Lab", "Mental Upgrade Lab", and "Gremory Center Lab" has been added.

     ※ The entrance will appear after accept/clearing a specific quest.

 ▶ Location of Blue Gate has been adjusted.

 ▶ Raid Program: Irina

   - You now get Malek Crystal instead of Malek Gold Statue.

   - Radiant Phase Fiber and Big Success Aura has been added to the drop list.

5. Item Update

 ▶ Irina Shield Set

   - Fixed a bug where Raid: Irina's Shield 3-set gave an unspecified Crit Rate.

6. Costume Update

 ▶ New costumes.

   - Misteltein's Magical Girl Costume has been added.

   - Dr. Gremory's Dungeon Drop Costumees (4 Acc/1 Aura/1 Lens) has been added.

   - Dr. Gremory hair for female characters(including Tein) has been added.

7. Achievement Update

 ▶ Clear requirements for Raid Program: David solo has been decreased from 50x to 10x.

9. Tongdori Update

 ▶ Dr. Gremory's suspicious Tongdori has been added.

   - This Tongdori is only available through . It is not purchasable from Lee Bitna.

   - Although [Malicious Dark Aura of the Dead] and [Trembling Phantom Aura] won't pop up from these, Dr. Gremory's new Aura and Lens will appear. (2x chance for Aura compared to regular Tongdori)

12. Event Updates


   - 03/18 ~ 03/20

   - For every login/30/60/90/120/150 min of login, reward will be given.

 ▶ 2017 Spring Event

   - 03/16 ~ 03/30

   - Event material [Sakura Petals] can be gained from dungeons that spend 10 or more stamina(& Tiamat) will give event mats.

   - This can be used to craft event items.

13. Other updates

 ▶ You can now claim all mail attachments at once.

 ▶ Dice chatting command has been added.

   - /주사위, /dice

 ▶ Costume Wardrobe's Sort feature has been changed.

 ▶ Cash Shop Gifting Limits

   - Req Lv: 10 -> 30

   - Only giftable after 3 days of character creation



English patch is now available again.
[Image: HjlZeRz.gif]
Yay revamping systems that just got revamped. This has to be a new record in times before something gets another revamp.
(03-14-2017, 08:53 AM)Kanra Wrote: 1. PNA System will be revamped.
now that I finally got the hang of it
just great
[Image: Aiip38z.png]
(03-14-2017, 02:14 PM)Endgame Wrote: Yay revamping systems that just got revamped. This has to be a new record in times before something gets another revamp.

Not really, all we got was a new PNA grade with the ability to upgrade PNAs instead of having to loot them, its more of a relaxing update than revamp.

I expect the revamp to introduce the "PNA evolution" datamined in the client files in addition to new PNA level cap, which would force a revanp on PNA strings slots and whatnot.

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