03/24 Full Maintenance Patch Notes
[Image: 45yeBZQ.gif]


1. Character Updates

▶ Seulbi Skill Error Fix

- Seulbi's 'Create Wormhole' distance being shorter than before was fixed.

▶ Skill Demo Videos are now updated.

2. Monster Updates

▶ Area 6 Monster Type: 'Mirage' Changes

- Super Armor Crash patterns were removed from 'Mirage' type enemies.

3. Area Updates

▶ Area EX Error Fix

- A problem where animation of the ground breaking down in a map node from Area 2 wasn't properly being played was fixed.

▶ The shroud effects of the dungeons were fixed.

4. Item Updates

▶ New Buff-type Platinum Chip added

- [Buff-type Platinum Chip : Swift Cut] was added.

- On hit, there will be 15% chance for Total Physical/Magical Damage to increase by 15%, and Physical/Magical Crit Damage to increase by 30%. (CD 45 sec)

▶ New PNA Added

- Physical/Magical(Hybrid) Penetration PNA has been added.

- Physical and Magical Penetration PNA (Standalone) will no longer be obtainable.

▶ Tube Module Error Fix

- Tube Module's increased value from enhancing much less than that of other module types were fixed.

- After the update, the tube module's increased value from increasing will have 70% efficiency of other module types.

- Total Damage(%) not applying to Tube Module's base damage was fixed.

▶ Flames/Ice/Bleeding effect removed in PVP

- Equipment that give the following debuffs no longer activate the following debuff.

▶ Tiamat Equipment Options Balance Fix

- Equipment from Area EX has been adjusted for balance.

- Set Options from Equipment from Area EX has been changed.

▶ Hybrid Item Options Balance Fix

- Due to changes to Tube Enhances and Yuri's Passive changes, few equipment have been adjusted in their values.

5. Costume Updates

▶ New Costumes

- April's Maid Costume was added.

- April's Cat Costume A/B/C type was added.

- Event-Only Accessories were added.

▶ Yuri Costume Options changes

- The options for following items has been changed:

1) OA Yuri Gun & Katana 1* (Physical Crit Rate 2% / Magical Crit Rate 2%)

2) OA Yuri Gun & Katana 2* (Physical Crit Rate 4% / Magical Crit Rate 4%)

3) OA Yuri Gun & Katana 3* (Physical Crit Rate 8% / Magical Crit Rate 8%)

▶ Costume Naming Fix

- 'White Angel'(백의의 천사) has been changed to 'Kind Cosplayer'(상냥한 코스플레이어).

- Levia's Bunny Girl Package name being displayed as Bunny Boy was fixed.

6. Quest Updates

▶ Repeatable Quest for Turret Defense at Area 4 for Wolfdogs were added.

7. Event Updates

▶ New Semester Attendance Event

- Event Period: 03/24 ~ 04/07

- Maximum Attendance is 14 days.

- Every time you log in during the event period, the reward will be given from the event banner popup. (Once per account)

- All event items except some will be deleted on 07/14.

▶ New Semester Weekend Log-In Pan Paka Pan Event

- New Semester Weekend Log-In Pan Paka Pan Event will progress as followed.

- 03/26 4 AM ~ 03/27 4 AM

- 03/27 4 AM ~ 03/28 4 AM

- 04/02 4 AM ~ 04/03 4 AM

- 04/03 4 AM ~ 04/04 4 AM

- For every initial, 30, 60, 90, and 120 minutes of logged in period during the event, reward will be given once per account.

- All event items except some will be removed on 07/14.

▶ New Semester Bunny Grass Event

- Event Period: 03/24 ~ 04/07

- When playing dungeons that spend 10 or more stamina during the event period, "Bunny Grass Seeds" will drop.

- This event item is not tradeable or sellable, but it can be moved through Account Bank. It will all be deleted on 07/14.

- Event item can be used to craft event items from [Event I] tab.

- All event items except some will be removed on 07/14.

▶ New User Event

- Basically, rewards will be given to all new users from 03/24 to 04/28.

- I mean, they do this literally one after the another, so why do you even bother

8. UNION Store Updates

▶ New Items

- April's Maid Package was added. (Male-only)

- April's Cat Premium Package A/B/C type was added. (Female Only)

- April's Cat Package A/B/C type was added. (Female Only)

- Runaway Patient, Kind Cosplayer Package A/B/C type was added.

- Runaway Patient, Kind Cosplayer Premium Package A/B/C was removed.

9. Other Updates

▶ Enhance Fail Achievements not properly working was fixed.

▶ Disconnecting from the game after organizing the inventory after having failed Costume Merging with passing down Options was fixed.

▶ Disconnecting after succeeding searches in Black Market within a set time frame was fixed.

[Image: HjlZeRz.gif]
[Image: 2f8e418f769f08b443a6c50257e7da17.png]
[Image: de987054eb9170c4186601c952c30020.png]
[Image: b92123e2942ac50cc3e097735cb7530f.png]
[Image: 5f33e6699a0a4c4a0b4ada1efe06f38b.png]

(03-22-2016, 11:14 AM)Kanra Wrote: ▶ New PNA Added

- Physical/Magical(Hybrid) Penetration PNA has been added.

- Physical and Magical Penetration PNA (Standalone) will no longer be obtainable
They didn't replace our already obtained ones. Any word on the values on the new strands?

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