05/12 Pre-Maintenance Patch Notes
[Image: 45yeBZQ.gif]

Update Schedule

8:00 AM KST to 12:00 PM KST


1. New Dungeon will be added.

2. Costume Wardrobe System will be added.

- With the addition of the Wardrobe system, all costumes in the inventory will be moved to the wardrobe.

3. New items will be added to UNION Store.

4. New Events will be added.

5. Cooldown will be added to items with proc-effects.

6. Rewards for Weekend Buff not properly applying will be distributed.

7. Children's Day event will end.

- Although the event materials can no longer be earned, the event items can still be crafted until 05/19.

8. Spring Event materials will be removed.

9. Minor bugfix.

[Image: HjlZeRz.gif]
Are they adding a new area while there's a generous event stage going on AGAIN?! Or is it just an expansion to Tiamat Operations Center/Plane Gate?

Edit: The screen freeze effect of using a FM now affects other players. Oh joy.....

Edit 2: The new boss:

-The key fragments to craft the keys to fight her are rewards for doing 3 Nightmare World stage runs.

-She has tons of HP. Not going to be soloed anytime soon, I wager.

-Her defense is really high. It's possible to hit 100% Defense Penetration as of the implementation of the adapter system, but that takes tons of farming to reach.

-There are only 12 revives shared between the entire party. I only died twice in the last run..... only for the run to fail because everyone else kept dying.

.....None of my attempts were successful so far.

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