06/09 Update Patch Notes
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1. Special Dungeon Revamp

- All the Special Dungeon areas are now accessible through the Special Dungeon menu by the character status bar.

- All previous quests regarding Special Dungeons will be removed, and the revamped quest for Special Dungeons can be taken by your respective NPC (Song Euni/Trainer) at Area 2, Guro Station.

- Weekday Dungeon- Doppelganger Inhibition Mission AKA DIM can also be accessed through the Special Dungeons UI.

- As for how the button looks or what the new rewards for the Special Dungeons is, refer to the event page: Link

2. Tiamat Updates

- All equipment drop rates has been doubled in Tiamat.

- Tiamat dungeons can now drop event materials.

3. Rookie Arena

- PvP for characters from level 20 to level 50 has been added.

- These players will PvP with a set skill setting. However, players who are OA can keep their current skill settings.

- Rewards will technically be the same for Rookie players, and will receive all benefits of regular PVP.

- PvP craftable level has been decreased to 40.

- Rookie PVP will not be entered into Ranking.

4. New Costume Part: Combination Parts

- New type of costume, Combination Parts has been released.

- With its own costume slot, this costume has certain costume slots that it can cover over.

- It will have its own tuning slot.

- Even if it covers over costumes, the effects of costumes that you are wearing still applies.

- The priority of the costume as it shows is Combination Parts -> Visual -> Regular.

5. New Pet & Costume

- New pets and costumes have been released in the cash shop with collaboration with Mabinogi Duel.

- Please refer to the event page: Link

6. Black Market Tax costs have been decreased.

7. Crafting Machine tabs have been readjusted for Plane Gate and Special Dungeon Revamp.

8. Official Agent/Crew quest has been decreased in difficulty.

- Special Dungeons throughout the quest can now be only cleared once in their respective quests.

# Events

Burning Everyday
- Stay logged in during 06/09 to 06/23 to get rewards every 30 minutes up to 90 minutes.
- Rewards will be deleted on 07/14.
- Login rewards will be rewarded up to 120 minutes.
- Also, a premium buff of 100%+ EXP and 100%+ Drop Rate will be applied during this period.
- This buff also stacks with the Weekend Buff.

Mabinogi Duel Collaboration
- Event Material [Mabinogi Duel Kit] will be dropped from 10+ Fatigue Dungeons and Tiamat.
- These event materials can be used to craft Event items at the Crafting Machine.
- Event materials will be removed on 06/30.

Special Dungeon Revamp
- All entry requirements for Special Dungeons will be +1 until 06/23.

[Image: HjlZeRz.gif]

Mabinogi Combination Costume Set names there if anyone wants them


Pet name there
No longer active
How to do the right dungeon:

1. Go to top left room: Lure a mob to the blue area close to the guns to knockdown the boss, do this 3 times, then defeat the boss
2. Go to bottom left room: kill the boss, when it uses attack that does DoT on entire room, kill the serpent with arrow on head, you can completely skip the annoying running thing by nuking the boss as soon as it spawns
3. Go to top right room: kill the boss, when it uses attack where it fires fireballs, attack fireball to deflect the fireball back, you need to be on the left side of the boss and similar z-plane as the boss to deflect it, if you mess up, just run back to the center room to avoid attack. The location where I've had 100% chance to deflect is close to the very end (left) of the map.
4. Go to bottom right room: kill the monsters with the same color aura as the boss's shield, then kill the boss, the boss will only attack when it's close to the mob, so just try and keep them as far away as possible
5. Go back to the center and kill the boss

Special Dungeon Revamp link: http://closers.nexon.com/events/2016/06/...ialDg.aspx
No longer active

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