08/20 Detailed Patch Notes
Yeah I lied about editing the previous post.

Detailed Update Review
1. Character
▶ Nata Character Balance Adjustments
  1) All skill's base MP and MP cost increase per level has been decreased.
  2) Torrent of Pain's Master Cube effect's duration has extended to 5->10 seconds.
  3) Blade of Pulverization's cast speed an damage has been increased.
   - Blade Throw : Base Damage 108% ▶ 122% (12% Increase per level ▶ 13% Increase per level)
   - Spinning Blades : Base Damage 976% ▶ 1098% (108% Increase per level ▶ 120% Increase per level)
   - Spinning Blades(When Mastered) : Base Damage 1382% ▶ 1555% (153% Increase per level ▶ 170% Increase per level)
  4) 'Leather Skinning' Skill's cast speed has been increased by 20%.
  5) Endless Pursuit's cast speed and damage was increased, and pursuit priorities have been set.
   - Slash (per) : Base Damage 652% ▶ 869% (57% Increase per level ▶ 76% Increase per level)
   - Not Invincible Monsters > Boss Monsters > Named Monster > Nearest Monster > Monster with more HP: Priorities will be set like this.
  6) When 'FM: Fireworks' is cast, exploding speed after the blades were thrown was increased and Master cube effect was changed to Phys. Crit. Damage increase.

  ▶Nata Skill Bugfix
   - Error where Blade of Pulverization's Master Cube effect didn't apply was fixed.
   - When 'Blade of Pulverization' was Master ed, damage description being increased from two to three has been fixed.
   - 'Torrent of Pain' skill's Master cube effect's duration has been updated to properly display on the tooltip.
   - Nata's few skill's CDs that have been being decreased down for more than 60% has been fixed.

2. Dungeon Updates
  ▶ Dungeon Clear Error Fixed
   - When playing 4-5 with Black Lamb character, a error where the dungeon was cleared when you enter the boss stage without the boss appearing has been fixed.
   - In Turret Defense, error where Mission Fail message didn't display although the turret was destroyed was fixed.
   - In Turret Defense, an error was fixed where the dungeon wasn't cleared when the boss was defeated, and where the players had to defeat all other trash mobs to clear the dungeon.

3. Monster Updates
▶ Screen Snatcher
   - When hit by Screen Snatcher's slow debuff, a bug where you were locked in place after using certain skills was fixed.

▶ Enhance Machine- Poe(Event)
   - The apperance cut-scene has been removed.

▶ Figuration Copycat (Weekday Mission)
   - When Figuration Copycat's Dimension Stone was destroyed, an error was fixed where monsters were invisible to all other players besides the leader.

4. Item Updates
 ▶ Gel Conversion Shop
   - Due to new Dimension Conversion items, few item crafting in the Gel Conversion craft tab in the Crafting Machine has been changed accordingly.

▶ Tuning Option Revamp
   - Item's tuning option has been revamped.
   - The options that had low efficiency was buffed, and the discrepancy between ranks has been decreased.
   - Few options that have been rarely used were fixed to not appear again.
   - Although if the option exists, it will stay there, but it won't apepar again if you tune it again.
   - For Shield items, the new numbers will only apply after tuning it again.

The Chart for Tuning Translations and Revamped Options
Click Here

▶ Item Options Update
   - The Plane Gate's Legendary equipment's grade and tuning resets have been temporarily enabled.
   - When playing with Nata OC, the OC Event material has been turned tradeable.

 ▶ Item Error Fix
   - 'Destroy Hammer''s Item Use buff being different than the rate in the description was fixed.
(Phase Energy increased by 30% for 5 seconds)

5. Costume Updates
 ▶ Costume Tuning Options
   - "Down Attack" related tuning won't be showing up in Costume Tuning anymore.
   - Although it will stay if you already have it, it won't appear again if you tune it again.

6. Union Store Updates
 ▶ Housekeeper Costume added
   - Black Lamb's Housekeeper Costumes have been added. By selecting the "Closer's Voluntary Service" tab under the Bunny Girl, you will be able to get these costumes through Dimension Conversion. Naddic has put up a notice saying they plan to sell it as package(most likely) instead.
   - Character's default animation will change when all 6 costume sets have been equipped.
   - Nata/Levia cannot purchase these items.

 ▶ Nata/Levia New Costumes Update
   - Nata's Saboten and Dragon Breath package has been removed from market.
   - Nata's Saboten avatar will be sold in pieces.
   - Nata's Dragon Breath 1-star package will be on sale. (No Upgrades, Trade, or Re-Seal)

 ▶ Dimension Conversion Updates
   - ‘Black Lamb's Wedding March’ will be taken out of the market.
   - ‘Closer's Voluntary Service’ will be sold.

S-Grade (7.97%)
2, 3-star costume (1 piece)
Voluntary Service Motion ticket

A-Grade (12.5%)
Brilliant Phasic Fiber
Feeling of Big Success

B-Grade (29.28%)
Malek Crystal
Advanced Phasic Fiber
Red Enhance Fuel

C-Grade (50.25%)
Cost-Reduction Oil
Tribulls +0~8
Dual Recovery Capsule

※ ‘Closer's Voluntary Service’ Dimension Conversion or the ticket 'Voluntary Service Motion Ticket' that can be craftable through Gels applies to all characters,
but it won't apply to Levia/Nata as of now. (Will be applied 08/27)

※ ‘Closer's Voluntary Service’ will only be sold for limtied time, and when the time comes, we will notice ahead of time.

7. Event Updates
 ▶ Summer Vacation Update
   - EXP/Drop Rate 2x Event has begun.
   - Drop Rate only goes for equipments, costume, and fuels.

▶ Levia Launch Event Ended
   - 2-Star Promotion Avatar will no longer be craftable.

8. Etc
 ▶ Quickslot Error fix
   - Number display that was wrong will be fixed.

 ▶ Personal Trade Notice
   - During Personal Trade, if there has been change to the item being traded, there will now be a notice.

 ▶ Subscripts added
   - Wolfdog's Tutorial and Ending cutscenes now have Subscripts.

 ▶ Gamepad Support
   - The ability to activate Gamepad has been blocked.
   - Keypad change and Gamepad support will come soon.

Update Link
[Image: HjlZeRz.gif]
Quick info regarding nata's OC skills:

Pre-master cube pulverisation blade has been buffed by an overall percent of 15~%

Endless pursuit have been buffed by a very close percentage of 40%,making the total skill damage hit 7000% with half of the duration including invincibility frames,also cooldown reduced by 10seconds.
Despite endless pursuit looking extremely good now,the way it is built to be still misses some hits on bosses,mid air cast is weird,teleport is better than before but still use the same logic of "hit all mobs once instead of killing them then proceed to the next ones"..

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