08/25 Pre-Maintenance Patch Notes
[Image: 45yeBZQ.gif]
Patch Schedule: 08/25 3:00 AM KST ~ 1:00 PM KST (10 Hours)


1. Tina's gameplay will be adjusted.
-Tina's maximum level will be expanded to 75.
-Tina will be able to enter Area 7.
-Tina only costume will be added.

2. New Circle System. (Postponed to 09/01)

3. New Costumes.

4. New Events.

5. The Area 7 Packages will be taken off the store.

6. Beach costumes will be taken off the store. These will not go in permanent sale after being removed.

7. Tina's Pirate Premium Package will be taken off the store. It will be sold as a normal package without the eyepatch permanently.

8. Levia's SA Event will end.

9. Tina's Level Cap Expansion Event will end.

10. Black Lambs Area 7 Event Mats will be removed.

11. Stamina Pot Bug Compensations will be given out.

12. Emergency Maint Reward.

13. Additional Item Retrieval due to bug

14. Bugfix.

[Image: HjlZeRz.gif]
[Image: 14137844_863142450484845_827995883_n.jpg...e=57C13D79]
Hi guys, it shows up like this for me on the login screen after today's update. What should i do to fix this????

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