08/27 Detailed Maintenance Patch Notes
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Pre-Maintenance Patch Notes

Detailed Patch Notes

■ Update Description
1. Character Updates
  Levia's 2nd Job "Official Crew" Added
   - You can obtain the 2nd Job Promotion quest from G-Tower's Masked Kim NPC.
   - New skills for Levia's 2nd job will be added.   
   - When Levia is promoted to 2nd job, Official Crew Costume can be obtained.
 ※ Official Crew costume will be permanent when obtained before 09/24 maintenance, and it will be given out as 7-day temporary after.
   - Levia's OC will show up in the Login screen.

  Levia's Skill Balance Adjusted
1) 'Finishing Move: Black Sabbath' skill's base MP cost, CD, and damage have all been decreased.
   - MP Cost: 204 184
   - CD : 53.4 50.85
   - Smite : Base Damage 739% 665% (38% Increase Per Level 59% Increase Per Level)
   - Swing : Base Damage 2954% 2660% (154% Increase Per Level 231% Increase Per Level)
   - Phase Energy Release: Base Damage 1848% 1666% (98% Increase Per Level 140% Increase Per Level)
   - Air Dive : Base Damage 185% 165% (10% Increase Per Level 15% Increase Per Level)

2) 'Dimension Singularity' skill's base MP cost, CD, and damage have all been decreased.
   - MP Cost : 75 67
   - CD : 12.22 10.79
   - Suck-In : Base Damage 460% 400% (20% Increase Per Level; No change)
   - Explosion : Base Damage 195% 174% (9% Increase Per Level 12% Increase Per Level)
3) 'Serpent Swarm' skill's base MP cost, CD, and damage have all been decreased.
   - MP Cost : 138 111
   - CD : 16.6 13.3
   - Serpent Swarm : Base Damage 1155% 915% (60% Increase Per Level; No change)
   - Last Serpent : Base Damage 576% 461% (30% Increase Per Level; No change)
4) 'Finishing Move: Walpurgis' skill's base MP cost, CD, and damage have all been decreased.
   - MP Cost : 513 466
   - CD : 65.1 59.2
   - Phasic Ball : Base Damage 450% 411% (24% Increase Per Level 60% Increase Per Level)
   - Serpent's Bite : Base Damage 2256% 2052% (120% Increase Per Level 288% Increase Per Level)
   - Serpent's Bite [Advanced] : Base Damage 4512% 4104% (240% Increase Per Level 576% Increase Per Level)
   - Final Explosion : Base Damage 1800% 1640% (95% Increase Per Level 235% Increase Per Level)

5) 'Designated Flight' skill's invincibility frame has been decreased.
   - You are now only invulnerable while aiming the target.

2. Item Updates

  Credit Limit
   - The limit of credits you can have within your inventory has been set to 1,000,000,000. (1 Billion)

  Plane Gate Tuning
   - Plane Gate items that were temporarily allowed to tune due to an event now has been limited for tuning again.

3. Quest Updates
  Quest Errors
   - Fixed typos.

4. Costume Updates
  Swimsuits 3-star Upgrade Chance
   - Due to Black Lamb's Swimsuit Costume package being taken out of the market, the increased 3-star costume upgrade rate will also end.
   - Wolfdog's Swimsuit 3-star upgrade chance increase event will also end next week.

  Housekeepr Costume Upgrade Event
   - From 08/27 to 09/10, Black Lamb's Housekeeper A, B, and C type that has been upgraded to 3-star will be turned to D-type upon upgrading. (Special animation and voice also activates on D-type.)
   - From 08/27 to 09/10, Black Lamb's House keepr D type costume's 3-star upgrade chance will be set to 100%.

5. Union Store(Cash Shop) Updates
  Costumes Taken Out
   - Black Lamb's Swimsuit Package will be taken out of the market.
   - Levia's Saboten package and Dragon Breath 2-star package will be taken out of the market.
   - Levia's Premium Starter Package has been taken out of the market.

  New Costumes
   - Black Lamb's Housekeeper Costume A-type and B-type will be sold as packages until 10/01.
    ※ After selling at a discounted price, it will be sold as a Visual package from 10/01.
   - Levia's Saboten Costume will be sold as individual pieces.
   - Levia's Dragon Breath 1-star Visual package will be sold. (Upgrade/Trade/Re-Seal/Account Bank transfer limited)
   - Levia's Starter Package will be sold.

  Dimension Conversion Updates
   - Black Lamb's Wedding March will be taken out.
   - Closer's Voluntary Service item will be sold. (It will not be purchasable with Wolfdogs.)
- ‘Housekeeper 3-star D-type Set’ Premium Effects will be adjusted..
 The Physical/Magical Defense Increase option and FM2 +1 option have been removed.

Unique Character Options

Premium Option (Party Member Included)

Lee Seha

Physical Crit Damage 10%

Seo Yuri

Physical/Magical Crit Rate 5%

Lee Seulbi

Magical Crit Damage 10%


Damage Increase on Back Attack 9%


Magic Pen 15%

6. Event Updates
  Levia's OC Event
   - From 08/27 to 09/10, "Official Crew Support Box" will be given upon Levia's promotion.
   - From 08/27 to 09/10, for every dungeon clear with Levia, "Destroyed Star Fragment" will be dropped.
   - Many kinds of items are able to be crafted with these materials.
   - All items from this event will be removed on 09/17.

  Summer Vacation Events Extended
- Black Lamb's Weapon Craft period has been extended until 09/03.
   - EXP/Drop Rate 2x Event has ended.
   - Enhance Machine: Poe will no longer appear in dungeons.

7. Other Updates
  Client Error Fix
   - Error where client repeatedly closes upon connection/entering the village area has been fixed.
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Quote:10. Black Lamb's Swimsuit costume and Upgrade event will end, and 3-star upgrade chance will be increased to 75%.
Pretty sure they meant "decreased to 75%" since the event made the success chance 85% for swimsuit pieces upgrades.
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