09/10 Detailed Patch Note
[Image: 6xAvuqN.png]

Update Date: 09/10
Update Time: 5:00 AM ~ 10:00 AM KST


1. Character Updates
 ▶ J Skill Changes
   - 'Vitanmin Combination' Skill's Master Cube effect has been changed.
   - From the buff being renewed everytime the punch hit, it is now changed so that the buff will stack.
   - Physical Defense Penetration rate has been changed from 10% to 5%. (Stacks up to 5)

 ▶ Nata Skill Change
   - When 'Shadow Hunting' is cast, it will now give Super Armor to Nata during the cast.
   - Damage Increase buff from 'Shadow Hunting' and Passive Buff Stack duration has been increased from 5 seconds to 8 seconds.
   - FM: Infinite Hell's last hit is now properly affected by Aerial.

 ▶ All Characters
   - All characters will now display duration of "Phase Power Release".

2. Dungeon Updates
 ▶ Plane Gate New Dungeon Update
   - 'Territory of the Ancient Beast' and 'Throne of the Abyss' dungeon has been added. (Solo Raid)
   - 'Territory of the Ancient Beast' is accessible through the Blue Dimension Stone.
   - 'Throne of the Abyss' is accessible through the Red Dimension Stone.
  - Daily Entracne Limit is set to 1. (You can enter twice until 09/24 with the Update Event)
   - In order to enter the dungeon, you need an "Ackum Disc". (Craftable)
   - Elite/Legendary Skill Cubes, PNA, Boss Weapon costume, and Lv.53+ Grade Equipments can be obtainable from this dungeon.

3. Item Updates
 ▶ New Items
   - New Legendary Skill Cubes have been added.
   - New Elite, Legendary PNA has been updated.

 ▶ Item Changes
   - Few Plane Gate Shield's icons have been changed.
   - PNA's name will now display its effect first, instead of its title.

4. Quest Updates
 ▶ Quest Rewards
   - When Disc is crafted for the Training Program quests, the quest will now reward a disc back.

5. Costume Updates
 ▶ New Costumes
   - Nata and Levia's Housekeeper costume was added.
   - Vites and Mephisto Boss Weapon Costumes have been added.

 ▶ Seulbi Housekeepr Costume
   - Special animation was adjusted to make it seem more natural.

6. Union Store Update
 ▶ Costume Sales
   - Nata and Levia's Housekeeper Costume (2-star, A/B type) have been added.
   - Nata and Levia's 2-star Swimsuit package has been taken out of the market.

 ▶ Dimension Conversion
   - Nata and Levia's Dragon Breath Dimension Conversion period has now ended.
   - Nata and Levia's D-type Housekeeper Dimension Conversion has been added.
   - Gel Conversion has been updated to match the Housekeeper update for Nata and Levia.

7. Event Updates
 ▶ Item Boxes Log-In Event
   - For being connected to the game for 1 hour each day from 09/10 to 09/24, a "Log-In Reward Box" will be given. (1 per Account)

 ▶ Weekend Log-In!
   - On 09/12, 09/13, 09/19, 09/20, there will be various rewards for being logged into the game.

 ▶ New Dungeon Update Event (09/10~09/24)
   - 'Territory of the Ancient Beast', 'Throne of the Abyss' dungeon's daily entrance limit will be increased by one.
   - Drop Rate for the dungeon's Equipment, PNA, Skill Cube, and Costume will increase by 20%.
   - Items that are related to the new dungeon's material requirement will be decreased by 30%.

 ▶ Summer Vacation Event End
   - Summer Vacation Weapon's crafting will no longer be accessible.

 ▶ Wolfdog's Swimsuit Costume Event End
   - Nata and Levia's Swimsuit 3-star upgrade event has ended.
   - Upgrade chance for these costumes will now return to the normal 75% rate.

▶ Black Lambs Housekeeper Costume Event's End
   - BL Housekeeper Event where A/B/C 2-stars turning into D-type at 3-star upgrade has ended.
   - After the update, when A/B/C type costumes are upgraded to 3-star, they will now be in their respective color.
   - Black Lamb's Housekeeper D-type 100% Upgrade has now ended.
   - D-type's Upgrade chance will now return to the normal 75% rate.

 ▶ Wolfdog's Housekeeper Costume Event (09/10~09/24)
   - Same with Black Lamb's.

 ▶ Levia OC Event
   - Levia's OC Event has ended.
   - All Event Crafting List and Material will be deleted on 09/17.

8. Other Updates
 ▶ Client Error Fix
   - Rare Client Crash while loading Dungeon, Character, Drama, or Monster Data has been fixed.
[Image: HjlZeRz.gif]
Quote:3. New Boss dungeon and new quests will be added for Plane Gate.

[Image: b9d.gif]
(09-08-2015, 09:40 AM)Kanra Wrote: 4. New Skill Cubes and PNA will be added. It will be dropped from the new boss DG, and it will also be craftable.
-has spent 35m+ to get best cooldown reduction PNAs-
[Image: w97EUiH.gif]
New Skill Cubes? Are they finally giving us our exploding busses they've shown back in the "100 days" event?!

As for PNA..... eh. I don't think I'll care unless they're adding Critical Hit Damage strains/more Cooldown Reduction/making it easier to get the strains you want with crafting. (Then I'll drop everything until everyone gets highest quality Cooldown Reduction strains.) You get more than enough Critical Hit Chance to the point where you'll get hit by diminishing returns in fully upgraded Plane Gate gear alone. And most of the other stats aside from Back/Aerial/Chase/Knock Down are already covered by PNA.
Quote:  All Characters
  - All characters will now display duration of "Phase Power Release".
...about time

Quote:  - 'Territory of the Ancient Beast' and 'Throne of the Abyss' dungeon has been added. (Solo Raid)

Another solo dungeon. Sigh...

Quote:  - New Legendary Skill Cubes have been added.
  - New Elite, Legendary PNA has been updated.

God why

Guess I'll stay on my Closers break for a little longer
No longer active
Mephisto, huh? Have his brothers eluded us?

And legendary grade PNA strands? What're we going to get up to? 10% Cooldown Reduction each? So how long until Misteltein gets to keep up March of Valhalla forever and break the game into billions of tiny pieces?

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