10/08 Detailed Patch Notes
After the 5-4 second Hard story quest stage run, you get a cutscene where the police surround the boss, about to take him in. But then Irina shows up and starts shooting at them, tells Misteltein some things, then sprouts energy wings and flies away.

After the stage run, she has a conversation with Yujeong and Misteltein.

Now, I don't understand what was being said, but she did say "Misteltein" quite a few times.

.....I think she might know something about Misteltein's history.

And the next story quest after that.....

Eep. The 4-5 boss starts off using a lance similar to Misteltein's, throws it up in the air for it to land and shoot out electricity like Misteltein's before switching to a scythe. I think these guys DEFINITELY know something about Misteltein now.

Edit: Hit level 60. Aerial, Back Attack, and Defense Penetration passives cap at 10. (11% for Aerial + Back Attack, 5.50% for Penetration.)

Also, Receivers are dropping in the Very Hard stages.

Edit 2: Aw hell, the quest to unlock the Receiver slot requires 50 drops from bosses.....

Well, I suppose they had to do SOMETHING to get us away from Plane Gate, for a while at least.

And if I'm reading this right, the stats these things give is "Aerial/Back Attack/Chase Attack".

.....These things are going to be REALLY overpowered if these stats work the way I think they do. (Attack stats boosted by over 2000 when dealing those types of damage. My Levia's already got 6000+ Magic Attack, now she can get 2000+ "Aerial AttacK", boosting her to 8000+ Attack just for attacking in the air as always?)

Edit 3: Oh dear.

Edit 4: Oh ****.


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