10/29 Full Maintenance Patch Note
10/29 Maintenance Patch Note

[Image: 6xAvuqN.png]

1. Character Updates
▶ Seulbi Revamp
- Weird Physical Damages were all changed back to Magical Damage.
- Basic attack now deals one additional strike.
- Basic attack speed has been increased.
- MP cost has been decreased over all.
- Bits Passive: Now you can have maximum of 15 beats, and you can earn beats through skills a lot more easily. More damage.

- For more information of her revamp with her skills, check out this link: http://closershq.com/Discussion-10-29-15...mp-Summary

2. Dungeon Updates
▶ Training Program: International Airport
- Time limit was increased overall.

3. Monster Updates
▶ Irina
- The damage of her Rain of Arrows and Windmill after Force Cancel has been nerfed by 50%.

▶ Android Slayer
- Counter-relayed skills adjusted.
- Although Android Slayer countered a lot faster before, it now only counters after it has fully taken the counter position.

▶ Android Juggernaut
- You now no longer take hitstun from Juggernaut's Lasers.

▶ Ramming Truck
- Truck now appears a little slower than before. (Ramming speed is the same)
- Ramming damage is halved.

▶ Brigade Heavy Soldier (VH)
- When using Shield Fall skill, the hitstun proc after the shields had landed was removed.
- When using Multiple Shield Fall skill, the notificiation FX was added and the time for cast was increased.
- Shield explosion's damage was increased by 30%.
- Spinning attack and Junp -> Falling down skill's delay has been increased.

▶ Brigade Heavy / Brigade Commander
- The invulnerability during their spawn was removed.

▶ Brigade Patrol / Briagade Assault / Brigade Artillery
- Hitstun from ranged attacks have been removed.

▶ Monster's stats
- Damage of all monsters in airport have been nerfed by 15%.

4. Item Updates
▶ Crafting Table
- Few materials have been moved around in places. Material Conversion has been renamed to Conversion.

6. Costume Updates
▶ New Hair costume
- Two new Witch hat costume was added.

7. Event Updates
▶ Log In with your Leader!
- Seulbi Revamp Event will begin from 10/29~11/12.
- When logging in with Seulbi, a special box will be given.

▶ Welcoming our Leader: Hot Time Event
- For the event period(10/29~11/12), you will get a special reward for every 20 minutes you are logged in, up to 140 minutes.
- It is accessible with every characters, and it resets at 4 AM daily.

▶ Play your Leader! Event
- Seulbi Revamp Event crafting materials will drop from 10/29~11/12.
- When clearing dungeons with Seulbi, you will be able to receive Bus Miniatures that ou will be able to craft things with.

▶ Misteltein's Birthday!
- On Otcotber 31st, if you log in with Misteltein, you will receive a Birthday Gift.

▶ Extended Maintenance Event
- Rewards will be given for Extended Maintenance on 10/22. It will be given from 10/29~11/05.

9. Other Updates
▶ Ranking
- Training Program: International Airport's Rankings were added.

▶ Halloween Photo Zone
- Halloween decorations are now live.
[Image: HjlZeRz.gif]

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