10/3/16 Patch Notes
Periodic Maintenance will occur on March 10, 2016 (Thursday), 8:30 to 16:00 JST.
※Extended to 18:30 JST.

  • The addition of new playable character on Wolfdog team, "Levia"「レヴィア」
  • The story quest available is up to Akatsuki G-tower. ※Epilogue area, Plane Gate, and OC promotion quest will be added in the near future.
  • Levia level cap is 52. ※Level cap will be raised to 58 in the near future.
  • The addition of new skills for each character - possible to learn at level 30.
  • Addition of new pets - "Chibi Mahiro" 「ちびマヒロ」, "Chibi Toukukeitai" ちび特警隊」, "Mini-Penguin"「ミニペンギン」.
L.Gear-related (Union Store / Liberty Conversion):
  • Sale of "Maid & Butler" set for Levia
  • Sale of "Monkey Magic" set for Levia
  • Addition of various hairstyles for Levia
  • Addition "Skill tickets" for new skills
  • Addition of new pets - "Chibi Mahiro" 「ちびマヒロ」, "Chibi Toukukeitai" ちび特警隊」, "Mini-Penguin"「ミニペンギン」.
Limited Event Campaign:
  • Start of Levia implementation commemorative events.
  • Start of "Levia Implementation Memorial" level-up event.
  • Start of "Levia Starter Pack" campagin.
  • Start of "White Day" events.
  • Start of "Point Exchange Campagin".
Specific Changes:
  • Change of the additional reward of "Union Watch" daily mission from the "Scavenger Jewelry Box" 「スカベンジャーの宝石箱」 to "Lucky Phase Token" 「幸運の位相メダル」. ※ "Lucky Phase Tokens" can be exchanged for rare items such as LV.30 new skills, L.Gear accessories, top-end phase fiber and more. ※ The above items can be crafted through Alan ver.3 using "Lucky Phase Tokens".
  • Change of the catalyst for adult phase skills for "Edgar", "Alan" and "Casey" to "Setaria", or "Nekojarashi" 「猫じゃらし」. ※ The above items can be crafted through Alan ver.3.

[Image: Fate_Stay_Night_-_Shirou_Fights_Archer.gif]

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