11/08 Special Crew Levia - Full Patch Notes
[Image: 45yeBZQ.gif]

1. Character update details
  ➤ Levia update
    - Special Promotion enabled for Levia.
    - Special Crew Levia skills added:
[Image: d1e4fb209c.png]
  ➤ Nata update
   1) Endless Pursuit
     - Fixed the skill not targetting elite/boss monsters first.

   2) Skill Modifications
[Image: abcab952bf.png]
  ➤ Seulbi update
   1) EX Supercharged Sphere: God of Thunder (Expert)
    - Fixed Electric Storm dealing excessive damage in PvP when affected by this skill's buff.
   2) EX Discipline's Blade : Discipline's Sword (Expert)
    - Fixed bits still being consumed when cancelling attack too soon.
    - Fixed jump attack consuming a Discipline's Sword Bit
   3) Bit: Weak Point Attack, Bit : Phase Amplifier
    - Seulbi's Passive buff duration has been increased from 4 to 6 seconds.
  ➤ Tina update
    - Tina Voice-acting is added to Shingang High School and G Tower Rooftop.
    - Tina Level cap increased to 70.
    - Tina can now enter Tiamat Operations Center
2. Dungeon update details
  ➤ Munitions Factory Airspace Training Program dungeon added.
  ➤ Training Program Dungeon Buffs
    - Item amount dropped in Training Program for Airport, Lamb's Keeper and Munitions Factory increases based on party size
    2-Member Party: Item Amount increased by 5%
     3-Member Party: Item Amount increased by 10%
     4-Member Party: Item Amount increased by 15%
3. Costume update details
  ➤ New costumes have been added.
    - Added Tina Steampunk costume.
    - Added Special Crew Levia costume.
    - Added Tina Tiamat costume weapons.
    - Added Camilla accessories.
  ➤ Fixed not being able to upgrade [Yeti Teeth Mask] and [Metal Machine Gun]
4. Item update details
  ➤ Added equipment to Tiamat for Tina and Special Crew Levia quest equipment.
  ➤ New tuning options
    - Added Levia skill level tunings to Munitions Factory equipment.
  ➤ For a limited time, can trade in a regular Level 70 Plane Gate module for a special Tina version at Bank NPC in Plane Gate.
  ➤ Unified tickets for area-based random boxes to one ticket per season.
   - Can trade Area 1~4 / Epilogue tickets for Season 1 tickets and Area 5~7 tickets for Season 2 tickets.
  ➤ Use the level to change some consumption items
    - Can open Adapter Chip Boxes from level 1.
    - Can open PNA Factors from level 1.
  ➤ Can now also use the "Creator Core/Module" event boxes on Tina.
  ➤ Items Buff error correction
    - Fixed Camilla's Pain Sickle effect "Increases Physical/Magical Attack by 6%" not applying correctly.
  ➤ Promotional event material "Memory Stick" can no longer be destroyed.
5. Quest update details
  ➤ Black Lamb's Munitions Factory Training Room quests added.
  ➤ Special Crew Levia quests added.
  ➤ Tina Tiamat quests added.
  ➤ New quest added to summer event dungeon, reward is Mini Beach Song Euni
6. Achievement update details
  ➤ Added Munitions Factory Training Room achievements
  ➤ Added Special Crew Levia achievements.
  ➤ Fixed certain achievements not showing up correctly
7. Motion update details
  ➤ Levia sunbathing motion has changed.
8. Union Store update details
  ➤ The Union Store Products have been renewed.
    - Munitions Factory Package I, II has been added.
    - Mini Levia - Adult Package has been added.
9. Crafting update details
  ➤ Training Room-related recipes added to Munitions Factory Airspace.
  ➤ Special Crew Levia outfit recipe added to Tiamat.
10. Channel update details
  ➤ Added button to change channels from in town or circle hideout.
11. Pet update details
  ➤ Mini Levia pet has been added
  ➤ Mini Beach Song Euni pet has been added.

12. Event update details
  ➤ New Levia creation event
   - Only applies to levia's created on accounts that did not have her created before.
  ➤ Levia Special Crew dungeon material event.
   - Collect wolfdog tokens to craft stuff with.

  ➤ Weekly Buff is changed.

13. Error Compensation will be handed out.
14. Black Market update details
  ➤ Changed to transaction limits of certain items
    - The upper limit and lower limit of [Irina Beach Bikini Set] and [Overclock Equalizer] has been changed.
15. Tongdori (Gacha) update details
  ➤ Added Tina Steampunk to Tongdori

16. Other update details
  ➤ Login screen changed to Tina and Special Crew Levia. 
  ➤ Dungeon Monster modifications.
    - Fixed an issue where some Munitions Factory monsters were invincible.
    - Fixed an issue where Ash and Dust in event dungeon were invincible.
  ➤ Fixed a pet model issue in the Union Store

Repost cuz Lee spammed main page D:
Teleia - Level 70 Caster
무한의Hope - Level 61 Witch
Account ID: EDream
Is there a picture of Levia in her SC outfit?
Hi, can I ask when will the Levia SC outfit crafting event end?

25/08 or 01/09?

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