12/03 Detailed Patch Notes
[Image: 6xAvuqN.png]


1. PVP Updates
▶ Friendly Union Arena Added
- You can now invite your friend/circle member for a PVP match.
- You will be able to invite from Same channel/Same village or in the Circle Hangout.
- When inviting for PVP, right-click on the character and click 아레나 대전 신청. (It is located on the very bottom.)
-> [아레나 대전 신청] -> Pop Up [요청 확인] appears on the person's screen.
-> If you press OK, the PVP match will start after another pop-up.
- There will be no rewards or record for these matches.
- You cannot request for a match through Messenger UI.
- You cannot request or accept if you are in a party.
- When the players were invited in Circle Hangout, the button to go back to town will take you back to a town, not hangout.

▶ UNION Arena Balance
- Seha's Focusing Strike (Counter) CD has decreased to 10 seconds.
- Yuri's skill damage has been nerfed.
Skills : Automatic Fire / Sonic Slash / Full Magazine Launch / Rolling Vulcan / Cross Slash / FM2 / Blitz / Zone Control / Suppression Fire
- Seulbi's skill damage hase been nerfed. (Skills: Railgun)
- Problem where Seulbi's Bits from her Discipline Blade lasted too long has been fixed.
- Nata's iFrame on Sure Kill has been removed.
- Levia's initial CD for Tail Whip has been decreased to 10 seconds.
- Force Cancel's CD and CD per each skill level has been adjusted.
Lv. 1 : 60 sec(Before) -> 30 sec(After)
Lv. 2 : 55.6 sec(Before) -> 29 sec(After)
Lv. 10 : 20.4 sec(Before) -> 21 sec(After)

▶ Union Arena Rewards
- The reward for "Arena Time" for winners and losers have been changed.
- Participatory, 1st win, 5 Win Streak rewards have been adjusted.

▶ UNION Arena Voice
- 9 Voices have been added to fit the situation.
- Round1/2/3 voice has been added.
- FIGHT/KO voice has been added.
- WIN/LOSE/DRAW/TIME OVER voice has been added.

▶ Union Arena Error Fix
- The problem where you could cancel start animation by using emotion animation was fixed.

2. Character Updates
▶ New Skills
- New skills have been added for the following characters.
- Skills : [Seha Lee - Focus Fire], [Seulbi Lee - Psychic Satellite], [Yuri Seo - Lightning Fast!], [J - Body Massage],
[Misteltein - Fenrir!], [Nata - Lunatic Explosion], [Levia - Hell's Trap]
※ Each skills can be learned from Lv.30, and it can be bought from UNION Store or can be crafted with Daily Tokens.
※ If you have already learned the skill, then you can't use the skill ticket.
Skill tickets cannot be moved over Account Bank, so be cautious in purchase/crafting.

▶ Skill Errors Fixed
- J : When using Acupressure in air, the aerial proc wasn't activating properly. This was fixed.
- Yuri Seo : Typo on Sonic Slash Cube was fixed. [Physical Crit Rate -> Physical Crit Damage]
- Seulbi Lee: Discipline Blade was hitting more than intended. Fixed.

3. Dungeon Updates
▶ Dungeon NPC Function Added

- Through Songeun or Cockoo after dungeon clear, you can now use the storage function within the dungeon.
- Account bank can also be used.

4. Monster Updates
▶ Monster Voices
- Voices for "Alraune" in Plane Gate has been added.
- Voice Volume being low on Irina and Kalach in Airport was fixed.

5. Item Updates
▶ Item Trade Req. Changes
- The following materials can now be moved over account bank, personal traded, and be sold on Marketplace(Black Market).
- Items : Burn Prevention Potion, The four ghost-looking material
The three Black Lambs marked report-ish material
Gray Orb, Red Orb, Stone Plate, Stone Pillar

▶ Crafting List
- In the Event tab, the new/returning player event items have been added.
- New Skill Tickets have been added in the Union Watch tab.

6. Costume Updates
▶ New Costumes
- Character "Change Sides" Costume have been added.

7. Quest Updates
▶ Quest Clear Req.
- Receiver Slot Quest now only takes 40 dungeons instead of 50.

▶ Error Fix
- Voice missing from Levia's Airport quest was fixed.

8. Event Updates
▶ New/Returning Closer 5959 Event
- New/Returning Closer Welcome Event will take place from 12/03 to 12/31.
- Rewards will be same for both parties, and it will be given once per account.
- When first logging in, Reward Box Lv.10. Will be given once per account.
- For total amount of time played, "Closer Growth NA" will be distributed.
Total play time resets at 4AM. The items will be given 20/40/60/120 minutes.
- Through using "Closers Growth NA", you can craft various items in the Event tab.
- The distribution may be delayed for 10 minutes depending on the server situation
- New Closers : New players in the game from 12/03 to 12/31.
- Returning Closers: Closers that has not been connected since 11/05

▶ Item Drop Error
- Due to an item drop error, event as a compensation will start from 12/03 to 12/10.
- When crafting PG Equipments, the materials needed was decreased by 20%.
- All Plane Gate dungeon's entry limit has been increased by 1.

▶ Special Event: Emergency Mission Season 2
- Em. Mission 1: Log In everyday!
- Em. Mission 2: Clear dungeon 7 times!
- For Closers that has cleared Em. Mission 01 five times or more will get a special reward!
※ These rewards must be requested from the Event Page.

▶ S-Class Agent's S-Class Gift
- Event has ended Orange Event Drop will no longer drop, and additional effects on the accessory has been taken off.

▶ SAT Daily Attendance Event has ended.

▶ Items removed from Events ending.

8. UNION Store Updates
▶ Item Added
- Skill Tickets will be sold.
※ From 12/03 to 12/10, it will be sold in a special package. After that, it will be sold one by one.
※ As mentioned before, 30 Lv. + in order to learn these skills.
※ You can also craft these using Daily Tokens.
Since it is untradeable and not bank transferable, please be careful in your purchase.
- Irina Costume Package will be added. (Wings will be taken off the package)
- Change Sides Costume Package will be added.

▶ Items Removed
- VIP/VVIP Enhancement package will be removed.
- Premium Irina Package will be removed.
- Mephisto Wing Package will be removed.

9. Other Updates
▶ Security Solution Replacement
- Security Solution has changed from HackShield to Xigncode.
[Image: HjlZeRz.gif]
(12-03-2015, 12:46 AM)Kanra Wrote: When inviting for PVP, right-click on the character and click 아레나 대전 신청. (It is located on the very bottom.)

So basically what you're telling me is that every single Circle leader who wants to spar their circlemates will accidentally kick their entire circle

11/10 naddic

No longer active
Only Seulbi had enough daily medals to unlock her skill.

And to get more, I have to leave Plane Gate and go back to International Airport for a month for everyone.....

Bug or feature? i don't know, housekeeper & beachwear emotes/actions are now available without equiping the set or owning it.

The new skill's initial cooldown is 30sec in PVE at all levels and cost 3SP's to level up.....(at least Nata's)

P.S: 5$ or 30day of full daily quest completion without warning old players or making an event to get union watch medals/skill book isn't much of a choice you know..

Especially when new players get a lot of union watch medals from quests & quest drops (at least 15~20) while old players get f*cked.

I managed to purchase NX from a friend thankfully, but not everyone will be able to do that :T
Reminder that the Friday and weekend EDM stages have a chance of dropping the medals as well.
(12-03-2015, 01:26 PM)Endgame Wrote: Reminder that the Friday and weekend EDM stages have a chance of dropping the medals as well.

I wouldn't say its a decent rate either, which leaves us to 20~ day at least worth of full daily quests completion.

Meanwhile, new chars can definitely get around 20~30+ from story quests + Level up box after finishing airport.

Unless you capped them long ago and used their union watch medals, in that case you will suffer.

The skills are pretty meh, 18sec cd at max level, dmg is nice but, :T........

Starts with 30sec cd in PVP while my FM1 starts with 28sec cd....... lowest CD in PVP is 24sec~ish.

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