12/10 Full Maintenance Patch Notes
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1. PVP Updates
 ▶ UNION Arena Balance Patch
   - Low Level Adjustments will be made. (Lv.50~61) Damage and conditional damage option will be given as an adjustment in arena.
   - HP Calculation will now change. Every character will now have a little more HP than before, and the HP scale between low level and high level will now decrease.

   - Seha
    1) 'Pulse Cannon' CD decreased. 15 sec -> 10 sec
    2) 'Shockwave' CD decreased. 20 sec -> 17 sec
    3) 'FM1' Damage increased.
   - Seulbi.
    1) 'Charged Cluster' CD increased. 10 sec -> 15 sec
    2) 'FM1 Bus' no longer displays where it lands.

   - Yuri
    1) 'Yuri Spiral' CD increased. 12 sec -> 16.5 sec
    2) 'Yuri Spiral' can't turn directions while using in the air.
    3) 'Yuri Spiral' SA crash on failed catch attack was removed.
    4) 'Lightning Fast!' KD lift bug was fixed.
    5) 'Suppression Fire' Damage was increased.
    6) 'FM1' no longer displays the AoE.
    7) 'FM3' no longer displays the AoE.

   - J
    1) 'Ocher Catch' CD increased. 10 sec -> 15 sec
    2) 'Ocher Catch' SA Crash on failed aerial grab was removed.
  3) Just Guard not properly activating was fixed.

   - Nata
    1) 'Endless Pursuit', 'Lunatic Explosion' Damage was minimally nerfed.

   - Levia
    1) 'Tail Whip' CD increased. 10 sec -> 15 sec
    2) 'Dimensional Singularity' CD increased. 10.79 sec -> 15 sec
   - When using 'Mamushi Swarm' with Levia, Nata's 'Skin Slayer' always landed. This bug will be fixed in a later date.
   - When using "Edge of Discpline' with Seulbi, it landed on enemies that are far away. This bug will be fixed in a later date.

2. Character Updates
 ▶ Error/Bugfix
   - Tein
    1) 'FM3' Advance effect not properly affecting allies was fixed.
    2) Not being able to use 'Fenrir!' during 'Bifrost' was fixed.

   - J
    1) 'Acupressure Method' SA duration being shorter than intended was fixed.
    2) Being able to use 'Body Massage' during 'FM3' was fixed.

   - Yuri
    1) 'Blitz' Expert skill description not being there was fixed. (Duration 50% increased)
    2) 'Lightning Fast' Last strike not properly getting affected by Advance effect was fixed.

   - Nata
    1) Having random aerial effects on Dash Attack was fixed.

   - Character Emotion (Maid) and (Sunbed) able to be used even if no costume was fixed.
- After the dungeon has been cleared, you will no longer be able to use skills even after they come off cooldown.

 ▶ Character Master Cube Error
   - Seha's 'PF Blade' displaying 'Phys/Mag Damage 8% increase' instead of 'Attack Speed 20% increase' was fixed.
   - Since there was an error where attack speed increase had an error, this will be removed from the skill's Master cube effects. Only Phase Gauge charging effect will remain on the master cube.
   - Seha's 'Rush' missing 'Physical Crit Damage increased by a lot' on the skill cube was fixed.
   - J's 'Acupressure Method' having skill chain requirement to get its master effect was fixed. It now no longer requires skill chain.

 ▶ Character Skill Adjustments
   - The situation where J wouldn't turn the direction input with the skill was fixed.
Target Skill : Anion Punch(Ground), Ocher Catch(Grab), Omega Rush(Ground), Jade Magnetism(Ground), Calcium Charging(Ground),
Magnesium Strike(Ground), Vitamin Combination(Ground)
   - Seulbi's Railgun sound effect was reverted back to the original.

3. Dungeon Updates
 ▶ Plane Gate event has ended. +1 dungeon entry will be removed.

4. Monster Updates
 ▶ Monster Balance
   - Area 1~Area 4 mob HP has been buffed.

5. Item Updates

 ▶ Crafting List
   - Men's Irina costume has been added to the list.
   - Plane Gate material -20% event has ended.

6. Costume Updates
 ▶ Newly sold costume
   - Verita Brigade: Men's costume has been added.

7. Quest Updates
 ▶ Skill cubes will be rewarded for the quests regarding the solo raid dungeons in Plane Gate.

8. Event Updates
 ▶ PC Cafe Event that is COMPLETELY irrelevant to us! Yay!
   - Screw this shet

▶ Harpy's Invitation
 - Harpy's Invitation event will go from 12/10 to 12/16 in the Closers website.
 - During Event duration, points will be given from defeating monsters through dungeons, and with the points earned through the day, you can use it in the page.
 - Event reward needs to be redeemed from the Event page, and it is only available until 12/20.
-Event page will come up soon.

 ▶ Irina's Feather Dust event
   - Irina from Training Program, and V.Hard mode on Airport Private Sector will drop Feather Dust. So will Kalbach, for Wolfdogs.
   - Training Program Irina will drop 1~3 feather dust by 50% rate.

 ▶ EDM Season 2 Event Reward Delete Period
   - It will all be deleted on 12/22.

 ▶ Emergency Maint. Reward will be given from 12/10~12/17.

 ▶ Previous Event rewards regarding C20's Card and Attendance Reward Box that was not opened will be deleted.

9. UNION Store Update
 ▶ Skill Tickets will now be sold by themselves.
   - Male Irina Premium Package will be sold.
10. Other Updates
 ▶ Few BGMs in Towns have been changed for Christmas.
 ▶ Epilogue, PG, Airport switched to Winter season
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Aww, they only give maintenance compensation to one character now.

I so enjoyed getting fibers and Elite Training Tickets on everyone.....

And wow, those Yuri nerfs. Naddic actually gives a damn about balance. This is a new thing I'm going to have to get used to.....

Edit: Never mind, the new compensation box is awesome. 3 day accountwide Elite Training Ticket, random box for no time limited instant +8/9/10/11 upgrade fuel, +120 Stamina potion, and a Maid washing machine.
(12-10-2015, 01:24 AM)Kanra Wrote: PC Cafe Event that is COMPLETELY irrelevant to us! Yay!
   - Screw this shet

(12-10-2015, 01:24 AM)Kanra Wrote: Newly sold costume
   - Verita Brigade: Men's costume has been added.

For some reason I'm actually expecting Naddic to put them into Irina's top

(12-10-2015, 01:24 AM)Kanra Wrote: - After the dungeon has been cleared, you will no longer be able to use skills even after they come off cooldown.
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No longer active

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