12/17 Full Maintenance Patch Notes
[Image: 45yeBZQ.gif]


1. UNION Arena 1:1 PVP Updates
▶ UNION Arena Balance
- Low Level Adjustment will be changed. They will now gain a little more boost.
- Yuri's skills have been changed.
1) Problem where you could dodge FM3 with evade was fixed.
- J's skills have been changed.
1) FM1 damage has been decreased.
2) 'Acupressure' damage has been slightly decreased.
3) 'Vitamin Combination' damage has been slightly decreased.
4) 'Chiropractic' damage was slightly increased, and CD has been increased. 25 sec -> 35 sec
5) 'Magnetized Marble' CD has been increased. 20 sec -> 25 sec

▶ UNION Arena Rewards
- Participatory rewards and winning streak rewards have been changed.
- When you run a match during Arena time, you will gain Arena points even if you lose.
- Items that are craftable with Arena points have been added.

▶ Union Arena Point Name Change
- They are now called "Arena Points" (AP)

▶ UNION Arena bugfix
- Problem where your game would crash if you queue up for PVP during you have a party invitation and accept it.

2. Character Updates
▶ Harpy Character Pre-Creation
- New Class 'Rogue' Harpy will be available for pre-creation.

▶ Skill bugfix
- Problem where Tein's 'Fenrir!' disappearing when 'Call Lance' has been casted was fixed.
- J's 'FM3' will no longer have the shockwave when going up, but the damage will now add onto the catch damage. (Catch: Physical 1530% / 230% per level)

▶ Chracter Hit Animation
- The hit animation duration being different for Seha, Tein, Nata, and Levia was fixed to be equal.

3. Dungeon Updates
▶ Dungeon bugfix
- Problem where running Weekly Area (Friday) with two people and if the party leader exited during the loading screen, the monsters disappearing in the wrong spot has been fixed.

4. Item Updates
▶ Dimensional Conversion
- Black Lambs Bunny Girl/Bunny boy costume has been added to Dimensional Conversion. (Wolfdogs will be added later.)
- Black Lambs will be able to earn "Bunny Washing Machine" when using the D-C Service.
- Wolfdogs will still get the same "Maid Washing Machine" when using the D-C Service.
- The items for "Bunny Washing Machine" are as follows:
2~3star Bunny Girl/Bunny Boy Costume/Accessory [C,D type] (1 part)
2~3star Bunny Girl/Bunny Boy Costume/Accessory Box [C,D type] (9 part)
1-star Black Wings

Tribulls +8~12
Tribulls +9~11
Orange Costume Fiber
Dimensional Vaccine
Course One shot +11
Course One shot +10
Course One shot +9
Purple Cap
Purple Costume Fiber
Red Fuel
Common Costume Fiber

Malek Crystal (Sell for Gold)
Tribulls +0~10
Tribulls +0~8
Enhance Cost Remover

▶ PC Cafe Crafting Items...AKA PC Coin craftables are now account bank transferable.

▶ Crafting List
- Arena Point Craftables have been added.
- Arena Point Crafting Limits will reset on every Saturday, like Arena Points.
- Harpy Christmas Event crafting list has been added.
- Harpy Pre-Creation crafting list has been added.

▶ Item Deletion
- Event Items that haven't been used will be deleted.

5. Costume Updates
▶ New Costumes
- Bunny Girl/Bunny Boy costumes have been added. (Wolfdogs Bunny Girl/Bunny Boy costumes will be updated later.)
- Bunny Girl Costume Top is one-piece for both Top and Bottom. The bottom costume that you are wearing will not be displayed.
- Christmas Accessory Costumes have been added.
- Event Accessory Costumes have been added.
- Black Wings have been added.

▶ Male Verita Costume 3-star Upgrade Fix
- It is now properly increased to 85% until 12/30.

6. Quest Updates
▶ Quest Bugfix
- Typos and Reward errors fixed.

7. Event Updates
▶ Harpy Christmas Event
- Christmas Event will go on from 12/17 to 12/30.
- Everyday, Harpy Christmas Box will be given once per account through the mailbox.
- The box will give a different reward for weekday, Saturday, and Sunday.
- Daily resets are at 4am.
- During event period, dungeons that spend stamina will drop event materials that will be used to craft event items.
- Event materials will be removed on 01/07.

▶ Hapry Pre-Creation Event
- Harpy Pre-Creation event will go on from 12/17~12/22.
- Event material "Rogue's Treasure Key" will be mailed once per account everyday.
- Event Material can be earned from DG that spend stamina. (Card)
- Again, it can be used to craft Event items in the crafting machine.
- Event materials will be removed on 01/07.

▶ PC Cafe Error
- Screw this shet again

8. UNION Store Updates
▶ New Costumes
- Black Lambs Bunny Costume A, B type Premium Package has been added.
- Black Lambs Bunny Costume A, B type Package has been added.
- Again, Top is a one-piece that covers over the bottom costume. So no nude Nata or Seha or J for you.
- Wolfdog costumes will be added later.
- Character Christmas Costume Package has been added/
- Harpy Premium Starter Package has been added.
(Although it's purchasable by all characters, it can only be opened with Harpy.)

9. Other Updates
▶ When Bunny Boy/Bunny Girl 3-star has been crafted, related achievements/title has been added.

▶ Inventory Expansion
- Storage and Inventory can be now expanded further.
- Additional 20 slots can be expanded.
- For Personal/Account Storage, it can be opened with 1200(Personal)/3000(Account) NX.
- This can be done by pressing 창고확장 in the Storage menu.
- Additional 20 slots can be expanded for both.
- Additional Storage Expansion can be done after all other slots have been opened with credits.

▶ Server Login
- Login menu has been changed to Christmas Themed Login.

▶ Shadow Removal Option Removed
- Shadow Removal Option has been removed from the Options menu.
- Circular shadow below monsters and NPCs will be still there, while Character-shaped Shadows will no longer appear.

▶ Character Slot
- With new character Harpy, additional slot has been added.
[Image: HjlZeRz.gif]
(12-15-2015, 10:48 AM)Kanra Wrote: New Costumes and Accessories will be added.
(12-15-2015, 10:48 AM)Kanra Wrote: craft items with Arena Points.
oh boy
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Naddic in a pinch?
[Image: lfjZ8jD.png?1][Image: CL8OiGt.png?1][Image: 1IJcAg4.png?1]
ooo boy another character to gear and level... Yas  : DDDD
[Image: WyY2kGE.jpg]
Seha: lvl 62 Misteltein:62 Seulbi:44 Yuri:50 J:62 Nata: 58 Revia:59 Harpy:48
New login screen:

[Image: WFqKgOv9.png]

Edit: There's a problem with the Emergency Defense mission UI. You have to be idle in town for it to even show up.

Emergency maintenance coming. (Please be soon. I really need to get in my Thursday EDM runs. Fibers are serious business.)
(12-15-2015, 10:48 AM)Kanra Wrote: - With new character Harpy, additional slot has been added.
Helloooooooooo, Ms. Excuse to get attack and SA data on old bosses
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Visual for new Material Conversion: http://wiki.closershq.com/w/Interdimensi...Conversion
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