12/22 Full Patch Notes
[Image: 45yeBZQ.gif]


1. Character Updates
▶ New character, "Harpy"
- You can now create and play Harpy in game.
- You will have to complete the tutorial in order to begin.
- The current level cap and job is Lv.48/Intern, and the areas that you can go up to is from Area 1~Area 4. Level cap and areas will be soon made available later.

2. Item Updates
▶ New Equipment
- New Equipments for Harpy has been added.

▶ Harpy PC Cafe items added
- [Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRpB5wAyD9RA9UojqnMQ7j...PfZ9FOsP-r]

▶ Item Lock Tooltip added
- For every equipments, Item Lock tooltips have been added.
- 'Right Click to Equip/Use', 'Alt+Right Click to Lock/Unlock' will be displayed on the lower right on the item info.

▶ Character Dimension Conversion Contract Added
- DC Contract that acts on a character has been added.
- This premium buff allows you to earn one Washing Machine per day on the character used.
- This resets at 4AM, and it will not be given if you haven't logged on with the character.
- It cannot be received through other characters.

▶ Crafting List
- Closers 1-Year Anniversary Event items have been added.
- Harpy Launching Event Items have been added.
- Harpy Gears crafting have been added.
- For 1-Year Anniversary Event, required materials for Plane Gate has been reduced by 30%.
※ Event periods will be announced on the event page.

3. Costume Updates
▶ New Costumes have been added.
- Harpy Costumes have been added.
- Bunny Girl/Bunny Boy has been added. (Nata / Levia / Harpy)
- Harpy accessory costumes have been added.
- 1-Year anniversary event accessories have been added.

4. Quest Updates
▶ Harpy Area 1~Area 4 Quests Added

▶ Pet System Guide added
- Pet System Guide quest has been added.
- The quest can be received from the respective bank NPC at Area 1.
- Upon completing the quest, you will be able to choose between Black Lamb pet or Wolfdog pet.
※ After 01/07, the reward will change to a lesser amount.

▶ Quest Errors Fix
- Typos and quest requirements have been adjusted.

5. Event Updates
▶ Harpy Launching Event
- Harpy Launching Event will begin from 12/22 to 01/07.
- When clearing dungeons that spend more than 10 stamina with Harpy, 'Diamond Fragment' will drop 100%.
- Diamond Fragments can be used to craft Event Items.
- According to Harpy's level, reward box will be sent to the mailbox.
- Materials will be removed on 01/14.

▶ 1-Year Anniversary
- 1-Year Anniversary Event, HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY! will take place from 12/22 to 12/30.
- On login, Event Box will be given once per account.
- When playing dungeons that spend more than 10 stamina, "1-Year Anniversary Coin" will drop.
- Coins can be used to craft event items.
- All entry limits are +1 during the event.
- You can reset tunes and adjust item quality for Plane Gate items during the event.
- During the event period, Equipment/ Costume/ Fuel / Skill Cube/ PNA drop chance will increase by 100%.
- Coins cant be traded, but they can be sold for 1111 credits.
It can be moved through account bank, and it will be removed on 01/07.

▶ Emergency Maintenance Reward/Weekday Mission Error Rewards
- Compensations for Emergency Maintenance will be given from 12/22 to 12/30.
- When logged in during the period, compensation box will be given once per account.
- When logged in during the period, compensation for Weekday errors will be given once per account.
- Rewards will be removed on 12/30.

▶ Irina Wing Dust
- It will no longer drop from 5-5 or Airport Training Program.

▶ Event Item Removed
- Emergency Mission Season 2 items will be removed on 12/22.

6. UNION Store Updates유니온 스토어 관련 업데이트 상세내역
▶ More things!
- Wolfdog Bunny Costume A, B type Premium package has been added.
- Wolfdog Bunny Costume A, By type package has been added.
- Harpy Christmas Costume Package has been added.
- Harpy Premium Starter pack has been added.
- Bunny Washing Machine, Wolfdog Bunny costumes have been added.
- 1-Year Anniversary Starter Pack Renewal items have been added.
2 New Starter Pack will be sold with 90% discount.
Union Starter Pack
Price: 1,100 NX
Only able to be bought once per account

UNON VIP 10-day (Character)
Premium Dimension Conversion Buff 10-day
Malek Crystal x 3
Revives x 22
Dual Recoevery Capsules x 100
Melon Juice x1
* Melon Juice will heal your Character/Account Stamina by 200.

UNION Premium Starter Pack
Price: 8,800 NX
Able to be bought once per character

UNION VIP 30-day
Dimension Conversion Premium Buff 30-day
Random Talisman Box (15-day)
Revive Capsules x 33
Red Fuels x 10
Purple Fuels x 3
Malek Crystal x 5
Melon Juice x 3

7. Pet Updates
▶ New Pet System
- Black Lamb / Wolfdog Pet has been added. (Pet Shortcut = B)
- It can be brought along with you in town and dungeons.
- It will provide additional buffs in dungeons.
- For every dungeon play, it will earn EXP.
- Pet's AP(Hunger in Elsword) is Egg(10)/ Ungrown (10) / Mature (11).
- AP will be decreased by 1 for each dungeon entry, and EXP can only be learned when there is AP.
- It will automatically consume its food on 0 AP to heal back 10 AP.
※ Until 01/07, the pet will earn EXP even if its AP is 0.
※ To not allow it to eat food when its 0 AP, keep the food in the storage.
- While in Town, the pet will gain 1 AP per 10 minute.
- Pet's maximum level is 50, and it will grow into a new form on certain levels. (Egg 15 / Ungrown 30 / Mature 50 )
- When max level has been reached, it can't earn EXP anymore, so evolve it into the next stage. (Costs items)
- Pets are not usable in PVP.

8. Achievements Update
▶ Harpy Achievements Added
- Same achievements as all the other characters was added.

▶ Harpy-only Achievements added
- Harpy related title 5 x
-Harpy's skill usage achievement 16 x (Reward 3 x)
- Defeating Dimensionals with Harpy's skills 15 x (Title 3x / Base Title 1x / Reward 3 x)
- Harpy's Wolfdog Quest Achievement 13 x
- Harpy's Item Craft Achievement 2 x

▶ 1-Year Anniversary Achievements
- Related Achievements will be added.
- When crafting 1-Year anniversary items, respective title and 50P will be awarded.

9. Other Updates
▶ Server Login Changed

▶ For Returning/New Players:
- Even though rewards can be earned through Harpy, some costumes can't be opened by Harpy: Please use it on other characters after transferring it on ACcount bank.

▶ Stamina cap
- With the new character Harpy, Account Stamina is increased by 40.
- On accounts that has connected before 12/22 Maintenance, this will not apply.
Although stamina might not be charged, stamina bar will function as normal.
- For accounts that has connected before 12/22 maintenance, 40 stamina will be added from 12/23.
[Image: HjlZeRz.gif]
Pet Quest is on wiki: http://wiki.closershq.com/w/Pets

[Image: OMimKLr.png]
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No Plane Gate for Harpy?!


Welp, looks like I'll be back to playing RNG box lottery with Seha again very shortly. (GIVE ME THE ****ING LANTERN ALREADY!)

And idling in town is all it takes for pets to recover? How surprisingly non-pay2win.

Edit: Has anyone figured out what items are needed to evolve pets?
Just to point out, you need to unequip your pet to evolve it.
More Pet information:
From Stage 1 to Stage 2 you need:
100,000 CR
3 Rainbow Dust
1 Legendary Crack
3 Blue Cross Boss Drops
+ Lv15 pet

Stage 2 to Stage 3:
??? CR
5 Rainbow Dust
5 Legendary Crack
5 Green DNA
5 Blue Cross Boss Drops
+ lv30 pet

[Image: pSkrQbc.png]

Stage 2 Black Lambs Pet:
Max HP +300
3s HP Regen +10
3s MP Regen +5

Also, the pet will automatically eat food if it hits 0 AP.
A message will show up saying the pet ate one of the foods.

If someone has any idea how to get more food, that would be great...

Harpy S Skill (Trainee Skill 3) Tips:
*You may go change direction with this skill, including going up and down
**For traveling up/down, you may only travel within 2 lanes: Ground and Air. You begin in the respective lane.
**When you are on Ground lane, you will reset your double jump count, as it counts as being on the ground.
***Despite this, as long as you started from the air, your attack will have Aerial bonus.
****The opposite is true if you started from the ground. Even if you go upwards, you will not receive Aerial bonus.

Harpy Q Skill (Intern Skill 1) Tips:
*Skill always counts as being used on the ground, so you will get Exciting! buff no matter how you use it.

*This is the first and only skill to have Advanced and Expert Skill Cubes unlocked at level 1
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All I had to do was unsummon it. Man, that's embarrassing.....
(12-22-2015, 04:31 PM)Endgame Wrote: All I had to do was unsummon it. Man, that's embarrassing.....

Not at all, I had no idea what to do myself so I had to manually translate the error message... :T
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