12/22 Full Patch Notes
[Image: 45yeBZQ.gif]


1. Character Updates
▶ New character, "Harpy"
- You can now create and play Harpy in game.
- You will have to complete the tutorial in order to begin.
- The current level cap and job is Lv.48/Intern, and the areas that you can go up to is from Area 1~Area 4. Level cap and areas will be soon made available later.

2. Item Updates
▶ New Equipment
- New Equipments for Harpy has been added.

▶ Harpy PC Cafe items added
- [Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRpB5wAyD9RA9UojqnMQ7j...PfZ9FOsP-r]

▶ Item Lock Tooltip added
- For every equipments, Item Lock tooltips have been added.
- 'Right Click to Equip/Use', 'Alt+Right Click to Lock/Unlock' will be displayed on the lower right on the item info.

▶ Character Dimension Conversion Contract Added
- DC Contract that acts on a character has been added.
- This premium buff allows you to earn one Washing Machine per day on the character used.
- This resets at 4AM, and it will not be given if you haven't logged on with the character.
- It cannot be received through other characters.

▶ Crafting List
- Closers 1-Year Anniversary Event items have been added.
- Harpy Launching Event Items have been added.
- Harpy Gears crafting have been added.
- For 1-Year Anniversary Event, required materials for Plane Gate has been reduced by 30%.
※ Event periods will be announced on the event page.

3. Costume Updates
▶ New Costumes have been added.
- Harpy Costumes have been added.
- Bunny Girl/Bunny Boy has been added. (Nata / Levia / Harpy)
- Harpy accessory costumes have been added.
- 1-Year anniversary event accessories have been added.

4. Quest Updates
▶ Harpy Area 1~Area 4 Quests Added

▶ Pet System Guide added
- Pet System Guide quest has been added.
- The quest can be received from the respective bank NPC at Area 1.
- Upon completing the quest, you will be able to choose between Black Lamb pet or Wolfdog pet.
※ After 01/07, the reward will change to a lesser amount.

▶ Quest Errors Fix
- Typos and quest requirements have been adjusted.

5. Event Updates
▶ Harpy Launching Event
- Harpy Launching Event will begin from 12/22 to 01/07.
- When clearing dungeons that spend more than 10 stamina with Harpy, 'Diamond Fragment' will drop 100%.
- Diamond Fragments can be used to craft Event Items.
- According to Harpy's level, reward box will be sent to the mailbox.
- Materials will be removed on 01/14.

▶ 1-Year Anniversary
- 1-Year Anniversary Event, HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY! will take place from 12/22 to 12/30.
- On login, Event Box will be given once per account.
- When playing dungeons that spend more than 10 stamina, "1-Year Anniversary Coin" will drop.
- Coins can be used to craft event items.
- All entry limits are +1 during the event.
- You can reset tunes and adjust item quality for Plane Gate items during the event.
- During the event period, Equipment/ Costume/ Fuel / Skill Cube/ PNA drop chance will increase by 100%.
- Coins cant be traded, but they can be sold for 1111 credits.
It can be moved through account bank, and it will be removed on 01/07.

▶ Emergency Maintenance Reward/Weekday Mission Error Rewards
- Compensations for Emergency Maintenance will be given from 12/22 to 12/30.
- When logged in during the period, compensation box will be given once per account.
- When logged in during the period, compensation for Weekday errors will be given once per account.
- Rewards will be removed on 12/30.

▶ Irina Wing Dust
- It will no longer drop from 5-5 or Airport Training Program.

▶ Event Item Removed
- Emergency Mission Season 2 items will be removed on 12/22.

6. UNION Store Updates유니온 스토어 관련 업데이트 상세내역
▶ More things!
- Wolfdog Bunny Costume A, B type Premium package has been added.
- Wolfdog Bunny Costume A, By type package has been added.
- Harpy Christmas Costume Package has been added.
- Harpy Premium Starter pack has been added.
- Bunny Washing Machine, Wolfdog Bunny costumes have been added.
- 1-Year Anniversary Starter Pack Renewal items have been added.
2 New Starter Pack will be sold with 90% discount.
Union Starter Pack
Price: 1,100 NX
Only able to be bought once per account

UNON VIP 10-day (Character)
Premium Dimension Conversion Buff 10-day
Malek Crystal x 3
Revives x 22
Dual Recoevery Capsules x 100
Melon Juice x1
* Melon Juice will heal your Character/Account Stamina by 200.

UNION Premium Starter Pack
Price: 8,800 NX
Able to be bought once per character

UNION VIP 30-day
Dimension Conversion Premium Buff 30-day
Random Talisman Box (15-day)
Revive Capsules x 33
Red Fuels x 10
Purple Fuels x 3
Malek Crystal x 5
Melon Juice x 3

7. Pet Updates
▶ New Pet System
- Black Lamb / Wolfdog Pet has been added. (Pet Shortcut = B)
- It can be brought along with you in town and dungeons.
- It will provide additional buffs in dungeons.
- For every dungeon play, it will earn EXP.
- Pet's AP(Hunger in Elsword) is Egg(10)/ Ungrown (10) / Mature (11).
- AP will be decreased by 1 for each dungeon entry, and EXP can only be learned when there is AP.
- It will automatically consume its food on 0 AP to heal back 10 AP.
※ Until 01/07, the pet will earn EXP even if its AP is 0.
※ To not allow it to eat food when its 0 AP, keep the food in the storage.
- While in Town, the pet will gain 1 AP per 10 minute.
- Pet's maximum level is 50, and it will grow into a new form on certain levels. (Egg 15 / Ungrown 30 / Mature 50 )
- When max level has been reached, it can't earn EXP anymore, so evolve it into the next stage. (Costs items)
- Pets are not usable in PVP.

8. Achievements Update
▶ Harpy Achievements Added
- Same achievements as all the other characters was added.

▶ Harpy-only Achievements added
- Harpy related title 5 x
-Harpy's skill usage achievement 16 x (Reward 3 x)
- Defeating Dimensionals with Harpy's skills 15 x (Title 3x / Base Title 1x / Reward 3 x)
- Harpy's Wolfdog Quest Achievement 13 x
- Harpy's Item Craft Achievement 2 x

▶ 1-Year Anniversary Achievements
- Related Achievements will be added.
- When crafting 1-Year anniversary items, respective title and 50P will be awarded.

9. Other Updates
▶ Server Login Changed

▶ For Returning/New Players:
- Even though rewards can be earned through Harpy, some costumes can't be opened by Harpy: Please use it on other characters after transferring it on ACcount bank.

▶ Stamina cap
- With the new character Harpy, Account Stamina is increased by 40.
- On accounts that has connected before 12/22 Maintenance, this will not apply.
Although stamina might not be charged, stamina bar will function as normal.
- For accounts that has connected before 12/22 maintenance, 40 stamina will be added from 12/23.
[Image: HjlZeRz.gif]
Pet Quest is on wiki: http://wiki.closershq.com/w/Pets

[Image: OMimKLr.png]
Help w/ EXP Data!
Help w/ Server Differences!

[Image: twuvUfA.png?1]

Warning to new players:
CLOSERS is a game that adjusts several important details in almost every single patch.
So something that may have been true a month ago may not be true now. Check the date before you reply!
No Plane Gate for Harpy?!


Welp, looks like I'll be back to playing RNG box lottery with Seha again very shortly. (GIVE ME THE ****ING LANTERN ALREADY!)

And idling in town is all it takes for pets to recover? How surprisingly non-pay2win.

Edit: Has anyone figured out what items are needed to evolve pets?
Just to point out, you need to unequip your pet to evolve it.
[Image: cats.jpg]
More Pet information:
From Stage 1 to Stage 2 you need:
100,000 CR
3 Rainbow Dust
1 Legendary Crack
3 Blue Cross Boss Drops
+ Lv15 pet

Stage 2 to Stage 3:
??? CR
5 Rainbow Dust
5 Legendary Crack
5 Green DNA
5 Blue Cross Boss Drops
+ lv30 pet

[Image: pSkrQbc.png]

Stage 2 Black Lambs Pet:
Max HP +300
3s HP Regen +10
3s MP Regen +5

Also, the pet will automatically eat food if it hits 0 AP.
A message will show up saying the pet ate one of the foods.

If someone has any idea how to get more food, that would be great...

Harpy S Skill (Trainee Skill 3) Tips:
*You may go change direction with this skill, including going up and down
**For traveling up/down, you may only travel within 2 lanes: Ground and Air. You begin in the respective lane.
**When you are on Ground lane, you will reset your double jump count, as it counts as being on the ground.
***Despite this, as long as you started from the air, your attack will have Aerial bonus.
****The opposite is true if you started from the ground. Even if you go upwards, you will not receive Aerial bonus.

Harpy Q Skill (Intern Skill 1) Tips:
*Skill always counts as being used on the ground, so you will get Exciting! buff no matter how you use it.

*This is the first and only skill to have Advanced and Expert Skill Cubes unlocked at level 1
Help w/ EXP Data!
Help w/ Server Differences!

[Image: twuvUfA.png?1]

Warning to new players:
CLOSERS is a game that adjusts several important details in almost every single patch.
So something that may have been true a month ago may not be true now. Check the date before you reply!
All I had to do was unsummon it. Man, that's embarrassing.....
(12-22-2015, 04:31 PM)Endgame Wrote: All I had to do was unsummon it. Man, that's embarrassing.....

Not at all, I had no idea what to do myself so I had to manually translate the error message... :T
Help w/ EXP Data!
Help w/ Server Differences!

[Image: twuvUfA.png?1]

Warning to new players:
CLOSERS is a game that adjusts several important details in almost every single patch.
So something that may have been true a month ago may not be true now. Check the date before you reply!

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