12/30 Full Maintenance Patch Notes
[Image: 45yeBZQ.gif]

1. Character Updates
 ▶ Harpy Level Cap Increase
   - Harpy's Level Cap has increased to 58.

 ▶ Harpy Area Access Expanded
   - Harpy can now access Epilogue Area and Plane Gate.

 ▶ Character Skill Changes
   - Harpy's "Zephyr Combination"
 1) If the skill hits on the end of z-axis, it will now pull the enemis closer to Harpy's front.
 2) The extension being hard to cast multiple times if attack speed was too fast was fixed.
 3) The extension's last hit not advancing forward if attack speed was too fast was fixed.
   - Harpy's FM1 not being able to turn on Expert was fixed.
The amount Harpy lifts up into the air was adjusted to be lower..
   - Harpy's FM2 now lifts the mobs at a lower height.
   - Harpy's 'Draw' voice effects have been adjusted.
   - Harpy's 'Air Drive' casting 3 times in Expert was fixed. (Originally Master effect)
   - Seulbi's 'Rail Gun' sound FX has been changed to the old version.
   - Seha's 'Focus Fire': When the skill's extension was cancelled afterwards by another skill, the bug was fixed where the skill would forcibly be cast on ground.
   - J will no longer be able to use "Germanium Power' during 'Body Massage'.

2. Dungeon Updates
 ▶ Winter Event Dungeon "Special Snow Disaster Operation" has bee nadded.
   - Three Special Snow Disaster Operation dungeons have been added to the Epilogue Area.
   - Event Dungeons can be entered through the Event Dungeon Robot.
   - Daily Entrance Limit is 2x, and it can be +1 by VIP.

3. Monster Updates
 ▶ Airport Area Invulnerability Removed
   - Invulnerability on some of the skills on bosses have been removed.
   - Affected Monsters : Brigade Elite / Brigade Assassin / Brigade General / Android Blader / Giant Symbiotic

4. Item Updates
 ▶ Event Equipment Items added
   - Legendary Training Program Equipments can now be crafted using the materials from the event dungeon.
   - Crafting will only be available until 02/04.

 ▶ SSDO Potion Item added
   - Special Potion item "Frozen Sweet Potato" has been added. It can be crafted using Event materials.

 ▶ Harpy Weapon Costume has been added in the Accessory Box crafted from PC points.

 ▶ Set Option Fix
   - Set Option on certain set missing Harpy's FM was fixed.

 ▶ Crafting List Updated
   - SSDO Crafting List has been added.
   - New Year Event Crafting List has been added.
   - New/Returning Player Event Related Crafting List deletion has been extended to 01/21.
(Items crafted before the update will still last until 01/07.)

5. Costume Updates
 ▶ New Costumes
   - Harpy's Dragon Breath A/B/C type have been added.
   - Two New Year Event Accessories have been added.
   - SSDO Weapon Costume has been added.
   - SSDO Accessory has been added.

 ▶ Snowman Mask Emotion added
   - When equipped with Snowman mask, new motion is added. It can be activated with /눈사람 or /snowman.

6. Quest Updates
 ▶ New Quests for Harpy in PG and Epilogue Area
   - Harpy can now progress through Main/Side storyline in Plane Gate and Epilogue ARea.

 ▶ SSDO Quest Added.
 ▶ Quest Errors Fixed
   - Bunch of typos and voice errors fixed. Screw this shet

7. Event Updates
 ▶ Special Snow Disaster Operation Event
   - Event Dungeon SSDO can be accessed from 12/30 to 01/28.
   - Event dungeons are accessible from Epilogue Area, and Event mark will be shown on the Epilogue Area.
   - 3 dungeons can be accessed during the event period, and it can be accessed through Event Dungeon Bot in Epilogue Area.
   - Epilogue Area is accessible starting from level 30 during the event period.
   - Event materials can be used to craft event items in the 겨울 이벤트 crafting list.
   - Crafting is available until 02/04.

 ▶ New Year Event
   - New Year Event will go on from 12/30 to 01/07.
   - Dungeons that consume 10 or more stamina drop "Lucky Talisman".
   - "Lucky Talisman" is not tradeable nor soldable. It can be moved between account bank, and it will all be deleted on 01/14.
   - "Lucky Talisman" is used as a material to craft "Lucky Pouch" in the crafting machine.
   - Black Market taxes will be reduced by 50% during 12/30~01/07.
   - Enhancing Fees will be cut down by 20% during 12/30~01/07.

 ▶ AOS Participant Reward Event
   - Due to the AOS being shut down, Closers who have participated will be rewarded.
   - Rewards are decided by how many times you have played AOS mode.
   - AOS Reward Box will be mailed from 12/30 to 01/14.
   - It will be deleted on 01/21 if it is not claimed.

 ▶ 1-Year Anniversary Event Changes
   - The event coins will drop until 01/07.
   - Deletion will be extended to 01/14.
Only coins earned after 12/30 will be deleted on 01/14- the coins earned before will still be deleted on 01/07.
   - Entrance Limit + 1 / No Entrance Material Event has ended.
   - Plane Gate Crafting Cost Reduction Event has ended.
   - Drop Chance Increase Event has ended.

 ▶ Doppelganger Inhibition Mission(EDM) rewards for 12/22 error has ended.

 ▶ New/Returning Player Event Rewards Deletion
   - Deletion has been changed to 01/21.
   - This only applies to rewards earned after 12/30; the rewards earned before does not apply.

 ▶ Male Verita Upgrade Event
   - It will revert to the usual 75% upgrade chance.

8. UNION Store Update
 ▶ Merchandise Added
   - Harpy's Dragon Breath A, B type 2* package has been added.
   - Harpy's Dragon Breath A, B type 2* premium package has been added.
   - These will be sold as a visual package permanently after a certain period.

 ▶ New Dimensional Conversion Merchandise added
   - 10+1 Bunny Girl Dimension Conversion has been added.
   - Harpy's Dragon Breath Dimension Conversion has been added.

9. Achievements/Title Updates
 ▶ Achievements Help pop-up
   - Achievements Tip that popped up once per account is now based on character.
   - For every new character, Achievements Tip will pop up.

10. Other Updates
 ▶ Loading Text
   - Black Lambs and Wolf Dog loading text has been added and changed.

▶ When crafting items, materials that have duration are used first.

▶ Christmas BGM has been reverted to normal BGM.

▶ When moving back to town after dungeon clear, sometimes the character wasn't placed on a normal location.
It will now automatically move characters to Emergency Escape locations.
[Image: HjlZeRz.gif]
This event has level legendary level 55-62 versions of the equipment you can craft from the Training Program stages. (That require the purple versions of the item.)

Level 60 Seha Card with 17% CHDs! Level 62 receivers!

And the event stages use no Stamina, so you can do them daily on every character.

Edit: Holy ****! One of the event stage Black Lambs shadow clones just dropped a Nightmare Astaroth costume piece!

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