12/30 Pre-Maintenance Patch Notes
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Update Schedule:

Wednesday December 30th, 2015 7:30 am - 12:00  (4 hours and 30 minutes) [KST]


1. Harpy's level cap extended to 58.

2. New costume and items.

3. New events.

4. Closer's 1 year anniversary event's : +1 Daily dungeon entry, No key cost dungeons, double drop rate, plane gate's gear cost reduction expiration date.

5. Bug fix.

Wrip no key uses back to crafting keys and ending stockpile of diamond mats :C also 10 levels increase I c guess we'll know how OP she'll be without even being cap yet o/
[Image: WyY2kGE.jpg]
Seha: lvl 62 Misteltein:62 Seulbi:44 Yuri:50 J:62 Nata: 58 Revia:59 Harpy:48
(12-28-2015, 03:31 PM)Person Wrote: 2. New costume and items.

No longer active
I'm a bit miffed that we didn't get to enjoy the Plane Gate events on Harpy. (30% crafting requirement reduction on a new character working towards her Plane Gate sets, in addition to being able to use Gear Lubricant on them? Why, that would have been nice!)

Eh, at least I'll still have the EXP and 120 Stamina potions to get to the new level cap + run Plane Gate stages on Harpy without getting in the way of Misteltein and Seha's RNG weapon lottery.

As for how overpowered Harpy is..... she's going to need some amazing OC skills or else she's going to end up just like Nata. Her raw damage output isn't very high. Very low on burst.

Or basically, she's a more mobile J but without the passive that boosts Attack and Defense based off of HP, or Golden Time Again. Both which contribute to J getting a massive power boost when he gets his endgame gear + legendary PNA.

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