1st job quest?
So I started a series of quests. I think it's the 1st job change quest. I got stuck at the 3rd cause the game won't tell me where to go next. Any idea what this quest is about:
[Image: hcNykgc]
And what are the other quests requirements. Please help
Get 10 rainbow powders.
This thing:
[Image: 88bf8e0179.jpg]
You can craft it by using red + blue + yellow powder at dismantling kiosk.
To get red/blue/yellow powder, you need to dismantle.

If you don't have powders, I would buy the rainbow powders directly from market.
To go to market, go to the weapon seller in town and press S. The Korean for the item is 무지개빛 차원의 티끌
Very cheap, about 900 credit each. If every single one of them is unpurchaseable, just hold enter and wait for the red text to go away. (up to 30 minute wait, do it while watching anime Big Grin)
The other quests are in dungeons and the dungeons will have purple ! mark ontop so don't worry
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Thank you
Locking, because solved.
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