1v1 PvP Mode Discussion
On a scale from 1 to salt, how do you rate this?
Do not send me private messages regarding game help.
5.5 fking K , great salt.
Platinum rekt
If I don't do it....nobody else will.
[Image: e8a2d0eee420588d1aa4080532c2c765.gif]
Step one: Play Yuri.
Step two: Use Blitz.
Step three: lololololololololololololololololololololololol
I say its better than no PVP at all, still need training room and sparring tho

And yeah, as it says its still in beta :/

as expected its less reliant on combos and more on skill usage, skill connection seems to be for pros who can deal with it during lag, and force cancel is like a free manabreak every 15second, so its more of a poke & run / opportunity to catch game.

7/salt since its still in Beta

[Image: 4d68ee16f50a9d8e24a3487d0307a768.png]
[Image: b8585e633e195b1df2d564a2a76cf65b.png]

[Image: d36e3bdf5b41e219f293e9e4103a2541.png]

8win streaks, 80% win rate, 3 losses 12 wins.

And if you divide 12 by 4 you'll get 3, illuminaty confirmed?

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