2,400 MS-DOS Games Are Now Free Online
The Internet Archive just dumped nearly 2,400 old MS-DOS video games into an easy-to-navigate repository. Every single one of the games is free to play in your browser. Some of the games are classics. Some of them are hilariously obscure. And some of them are porn—which is something you probably didn't realize existed on MS-DOS.


As mentioned, this collection is insanely huge so just keep in mind that, while you might be browsing through in jubilation, you might come across NSFW easily. I know I did several times.
Cool stuff. Thanks for sharing!

MS-DOS had porn!?
(01-07-2015, 09:09 AM)Grootman Wrote: MS-DOS had porn!?

If only you knew of the struggle.

This site also has tons of MSDOS games.

(01-07-2015, 09:09 AM)Grootman Wrote: MS-DOS had porn!?
Even Atari had porn.

Look up the game "Custer's Revenge". Be warned that it is NSFW material.
* Casey plays Doom.
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