20/10/2015 Update and Maintenance
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CLOSERS JP 20th October Update Contents and Maintenance Duration Notice

Thank you very much for playing CLOSERS.
Below is information regarding the contents of the upcoming update, along with the maintenance duration.

 Maintenance Duration
2015 October 20th (Tuesday) 0930 ~ 1600 (+9 GMT)
2015 October 20th (Tuesday) 0930 ~ 2110 (+9 GMT)
*This scheduled maintenance will begin 1 hour earlier than usual. We seek your understanding on this matter.

|  Update Contents

New Area
- New hub city 'Disaster Recovery HQ'
- New special operations area 'Dragon Palace'

Details about 'Dragon Palace'
- Can be accessed from 'Disaster Recovery HQ' operations control machine.
- Four difficulties 'Skirmish', 'Struggle', 'Challenge', 'Despair' will be available upon meeting the Lv55 requirement for entering the stage
- Difficulties 'Skirmish', 'Struggle', 'Challenge' can only be accessed two times per day

*Do note that difficulty level 'Despair' can only be accessed once a week.

Level Cap
- Along with the release of the new area, the level cap will be increased to 58.

Relating to L.Gear (Union Store/ Liberty Conversion)
- The new limited edition costume 'Maid and Butler' series will be added.

* The 'Maid and Butler' series will end sales following the scheduled maintenance on 17th Nov (Tue)
* The 'New Wave' series will end sales following the scheduled maintenance on 4th Nov (Wed)

Details on 'Maid and Butler'
- When equipping the set's 'Top', the normal standing motion will automatically switch to the special motion for the set.
- From the set package and the Liberty Converter, character-specific special motion tickets 'Welcome Home' can be further obtained.
- New Costume 'Invisible L.Gear - Face Upper' is added

*When equipped, the 'Face Upper' part of the L.Gear or J's Shades can be made invisible

Pertaining to Game Pad use 
- Game Pad Mapping functionality will be implemented.

Details on Mapping functionality
- By selecting Key/Button settings (キー/ボタン設定) from the System Menu, and selecting the Game Pad Icon, the basic controls settings can be modified. After the maintenance, the game pad buttons can be mapped and acknowledged by players.

* Notice: 12 Buttons will be available for modification, therefore some multi-functionality game pads, along with game pads will malfunctioning buttons may not properly work with the game.

- Several errors regarding incorrect character voices have been corrected. For more details, do read the post-maintenance report at the end of the maintenance.
큭큭... 이몸이 영웅이 될 순간이 왔군! "받아라!! 산들바람 베기!!"산들바람 베기!!![Image: fZsbHyS.png]
Maids and bulters~! 

I'm a little sad the color in the item mall for mistel isn't the same as the kr servers (well sort of since I was eyeing the purple) but the brown is cute too

Thanks for the update translation

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