3/10's Pre-Maintenance Patch Notes
[Image: 45yeBZQ.gif]

Update Schedule:

March 10, 2016 (Thursday) 4:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (8 hours) [KST]


1. New system "Enhance Adapter".

2. Character balance.

3. New pet(s).

4. New events.

5. Season 6 PC, old coins removed, new coins available.

6. Song eunee / Officer pet sale will be terminated, penguin will be removed from the warrior costume package.

7. Gear lubricant compensation for people who had bugged ones.

8. Bug fix.

For those people who dosen't tune in the Discord Chat, heres some changes to keep in mind, already translated from Kanra:

A character revamp news has been posted on the website.
And the goal is to "Catch Black Lambs upto par with the other Wolfdog characters"
Also, Closers devs aim for equalizing characters with buffs, and not with nerfs. unlike Riot

On March 10th:
1. Seha's skill percentages were the lowest out of all characters, so his percentages will be brought up to 70~80% of other characters. All damage types will be turned physical.
2. Yuri's OA skills and FM will be revamped, and the Master cube effects will be adjusted to follow the current meta more.
3. Levia's less preferable skills such as Waltz will be revamped and few other skills will be adjusted.
4. J's  Germanium Power will be soon allowed for use in air, and Anion Punch's hitbox will be adjusted.

5. Misteltein will have a revamp made during April, and J's skills will be revamped through his Physical damage type convertion.

Source: http://closers.nexon.com/news/notice/vie...esn=112528
Catch the Black Lambs up to the Wolfdogs? Right. How about catching Nata up to his fellow Wolfdogs first?

But Yuri certainly needs the buffs. Yuri Quick Draw! is not strong enough to justify how costly and hard it is to get a full damage hit.
Clarifying that the Seha buff wont apply to PvP, so don't jump the gun of WTF hes going to be more OP in PvP.
(03-08-2016, 01:28 PM)Endgame Wrote: Catch the Black Lambs up to the Wolfdogs? Right. How about catching Nata up to his fellow Wolfdogs first?

I know right? seems like Naddic forgot Nata exist.
They probably see the fact that Nata is rare these days as a reason to ignore him instead of a reason to buff him. Yuri is pretty popular despite her weaknesses so keeping her players satisfied is probably better for the bottom line.

.....But as long as they continue to ignore Nata, players will continue to lack interest in him outside of min-maxers going after the Team Level buff.

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