30/4/2015 Union Medal System Removal
I'd usually sit here like "Ok, no biggie. They obviously have something else lined up"

But i think about it, and Naddic has made a LOT of really stupid decisions. Not some, not a few, not one every once in a while. A LOT. And I can't tell if it's a lack of experience or just stupid developers.

It's a real shame, because they did all the work right, they built a quality, charming game and put genuine effort into their universe and the people in it.

Naddic probably would have been better suited to single player games, or psuedo-MMOs. Because at the moment they're proving to be great designers, but terrible at running an MMO.
relax, there will be something new and rewarding to continue playing..................maybe
(04-23-2015, 07:26 PM)Person Wrote:
(04-23-2015, 05:54 PM)Khleys Wrote: They better allow us to buy slots with credit. ._.

or or or or or or,make it an item from cash shop which can be traded freely :l

That would be good too, that way naddic won't lose as much money. Big Grin
Hopefully they leave it at 3000 NX cost. (Lower would be great too)
No longer active
>That way Naddic won't lose as much money

Mang have you seeeeen their prices.

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