4/13's Full Patch Notes
[Image: 45yeBZQ.gif]
Update Schedule:

April 13th 2017 (Thursday) 5:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m (10 hours) [KST] Over

Update details:

1. UNION Camp Update
 ▶ UNION Camp has been added.
   - UNION Camp, which contains both MyRoom and a Farm, has been added.
   - Characters Lv.16 and above can enter MyRoom and the farm.

 ▶ UNION Camp Level Effects
   - Every time UNION Camp’s level increases, reward can be earned or more variety of MyRoom Mascots can be purchased.
   - UNION Camp’s level can be increased by the following:
   ㆍ When Exploratory Missions are finished in MyRoom
    ㆍ When Farming is complete in Farm
   - All characters within the account share UNION Camp Level effects.

 ▶ UNION Camp Elements
   - It is separated into MyRoom and Farm.
    ㆍ MyRoom is supplied with the “Day Room” in the beginning, with [Night Room], [Elegant Room], and [Mania’s Room] being available through purchase.
   ㆍ Farm is supplied with the “Blue Skies Farm” in the beginning, with “Purple Skies Farm” and “Silver Light Farm” being available through purchase.

 ▶ UNION Camp Tutorial
   - If the account has at least 1 Lv.16+ Character or should a character reach Lv.16, UNION Camp Tutorial will start in town area.
   - This only occurs once per account.

 ▶ Exploratory System
   - Using Characters and Pets within the account, you can send them on Exploratory Missions in MyRoom

 ▶ Farm/Harvest System
   - You can farm using the [Seeds] purchased from the Farm. After time has passed, they can be harvested to earn rewards.
   - Effect Costume and various other items can be crafted or harvested.

 ▶ Steward/Guardian
   - You can make a contract with temporary Steward/Guardian in UNION Camp.
   - If the contract period is over 30 days, VIP effect will be given.
   - When purchasing Steward, following effects will be given:
   ㆍ Additional Exploratory Spot / Cheer / Exploratory Buff
   - When purchasing Guardian, following effects will be given:
    ㆍ 1 Gift per Day / Give water / Farming related buffs

2. Character Updates

It might make you understand it better if you read what the initial changes were for Levia and Harpy 2 weeks ago, which is over here: https://pastebin.com/yTM6RbGE


A bug where Burst would not apply damage when used in quick succession in the air was fixed.


Phase Power Release
When Phase Power Release is used, Levia gains a “Dragon’s Potential” buff. While she has the Dragon’s Potential buff, her Finishing Moves will be enhanced.

FM1: Black Sabbath
Turned into one-hit skill.
Guaranteed Crit.

FM2: Walpurgis
Turned into one-hit skill.
Guaranteed Crit

FM3: Judgement Star
Guaranteed Crit.
10% more damage.

FM4: Dragon of Salvation
Guaranteed Crit.
15% more damage.


Four Card
Range increased to 16 meters.

Harpy Strike
Master Cube: Stacks buff every 0.5 seconds(0.8 seconds previously)

Mask of the Prom Queen
Tooltip Fix.
Enhanced Cyclone will deal enhanced damage on both hits without removing the extension.

EX Wind Sting
Expert Cube: Every time Air Drive, Excite Again!, and Interlude Squall is used, the cooldown is decreased by 1 second(0.5 in PVP).
Master Cube: When the skill is used again within 7 seconds, damage is increased by 100% and its Crit is guaranteed.

EX Zephyr Combination
Base damage increased.

Expert Cube: The Prom Queen
When the skill is cast, Harpy will gain the “Mask of the Prom Queen” buff.

Master Cube: Triple Accel
When the skill is used, Air Drive, Cyclone, and Harpy Strike’s cooldown will be decreased by 5 seconds(1 sec in PVP)

FM Fortuna Revelation
Damage is same for all cards.

Buff effects have been changed for all cards.
Heart: Physical/Magical Crit Damage +10%, Heal HP by 20%, by MP 10%
Spade: Aerial/Chase Crit Damage +10%, Heal HP by 10%, MP 20%
Joker: Gains both buffs, Heal HP by 20%, MP by 20%. Gain “Mask of the Prom Queen” buff

Expert Cube: Faster than Eyes
33% Chance to only have Jokers, and the MoPQ buff will be gained on Heart and Spades.

Master Cube: Beaufort Twenty
20% more damage to enemies below 60% HP, Card Buff effect is given to all allies.

3. PVP Updates
I-frame from PF Blade and Instant Awakening has been removed.

I-frame removed from Serpent’s Seal’s ending animation.

4. Costume Updates
 ▶ New Costumes have been added.
   - UNION Camp Accessories have been added.
   - 46 new Accessory costumes from the Farm has been added.
   ㆍ title is on them.
   - UNION Camp-only [Brightly Shining Fairy’s Aura] has been added.

5. UNION Store Updates
 ▶ UNION Store is revamped.
   - Mini David the Judicator Egg/Adult Package
   - Maid Oh Serin Limited Package
    ㆍ04/13 ~ 05/18
   - Alraune Limited Package
     ㆍ04/13 ~ 05/18
   - UNION Camp Special Package
     ㆍ04/13 ~ 05/18
   - Maid Oh Serin / Forest Fairy Alraune 30-day contract will be sold in Store permanently.
   - 6 Elegant/Maniac Mascot Pacakage will be sold in Store permanently.
   - 12 Elegant Mania Mascot Package will be sold in Store permanently.
   - Elegant Merry-Go-Round/Canopy Bed/Bath/Table/Tea Table Set/Chandelier will be sold permanently.
   - Arcade Game Console, Mania’s Bed/Bath/Table/Living Set, and Blue Clouds will be sold permanently.
   - [Multi Dimensional Crystal’s Fragment] will be sold permanently..
   - Mistel Magical Girl is gone now.
   - Gremory package is gone.
   - Special Harpy Start package is gone

6. Pet Update
 ▶ Pet UI has been revamped.

 ▶Pet Exploratory Skills have been added.
   - Exploratory Mission Only skills have been added for all pets.
   - Exploratory Mission Only skills can be used only in Exploratory Missions.
If that’s not obvious.

 ▶ New Pet
   - Guess who it is.

8. Event Updates
 ▶ Happy Weekend!
You know the drill. This weekend.
   - Stay logged on for 150 minutes and gain rewards every 30 minutes.

 ▶ UNION Camp Open Event
   - 04/13 ~ 04/27
   - Special UNION Camp Opening Celebratory box given on first character within the period.
   - For every 100 minutes logged in, rewards related with UNION Camp will be given once per account.

9. Black Market Update
 ▶ Prices for Tuning Resets have been adjusted.

11. Other Updates
 ▶ You can only listen to your own character’s Promotional Voice + Stage Transfer Voice now.

 ▶ Skin Pack activating on other character’s costume parts have been fixed.

 ▶ Login changed
 ▶ Special Missions(Andras and Infinite Elevator) bugfix..

Credits to Kanra.

The English patch is now functional once again until the next maintenance.

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