4/27's Full Patch Notes
[Image: 45yeBZQ.gif]

Update details:

Seha changes:
-Phase focus blade will now extend Seha's hitbox.

Event dungeon:
-Added Mandred Defense dungeon (tower defense style).

-April fool dungeons are removed.

Union Arena:

-Union Arena rebalances, general and character specific(Affected characters: Yuri, Seulbi, J, Harpy, Violet).

-Union Arena reward revamp:

+Can acquire arena time reward at most 3 times a day now (either 3 win boxes, 3 loss boxes or a both as long as the total is 3).

+Changed PVP Ranking rewards, added new items and costume pieces in the PVP craftable tab.

+In case you are in the top 100 of your character's arena leaderboard by the weekly reset (Saturday KST), you can use ranked titles/illustrations for 7days.

+Items have been adjusted to prevent buff effects from applying in Union Arena.


-Warm Spa costume added (Through gacha, gothic pieces have been removed).

-PVP related costumes added.

-Dr.Gremory costume added (Cash shop).

-Added Tina/Violet Chick costume.

-Chick costume for all characters are available once again (event craftable, see event dungeon above).

Union Store:

-Started the sale of the following: Dr.Gremory set, 4 types of Closers Sweet Package, Multi Dimensional crystal fragments (in bundles of 5/10), 2 hot springs mascots (room furniture).

-Ended the sale of the following: Harpy pet packages, Tina/Violet costume packages, Collab premium packages, Union security agent packages.

Material conversion:

-New gacha costumes/serie, Warm Spa is the current gacha costume with an exclusive emote when owning 6 pieces (Hair, Top, Bottom, Shoes, Face, Lenses).

-Re-organized gacha rewards [Can earn Lee Bitna stamp from gacha now, use it to craft new items from the gacha tab on crafting machine such as guaranteed cybernetic accessory/wing box).

Pet changes:

-Pet exploration skills have been changed, there will no longer be character-specific exploration skills.

Union Camp:

-Pet summoning function added (can now unsummon pets entirely from the room).

-Pet dance button has been integrated on the bottom UI.

-Can now skip cheering/watering scenes by pressing ESC.

-Minor changes/Bug fix.

New PVP achievements.

Circle PVP rewards revamped.

New player event revamp.

Returning player event revamp.

Closers Week Event

-First character that login on each account will receive the closers week gift box.

-You can receive event items daily (for 15 day) for logging in and claiming them through the event tab.

[Image: LBWYNbr.png]

(Last box is random cybernetic piece)

Seulbi's birthday event

-Make sure to login during seulbi's birthday date (April 30th) as Seulbi to receive the happy birthday box.

Closers weekend benefits and Happy Weekend login time event, as usual (stay online to earn free items).[/b
[Image: WZN6fwO.png]

[b]Other details

-Keyboard settings have been reset, they were changed to become account-bound instead of client-bound (In other words, logging in from another PC will keep your current keybinds now, and in case you login on a different account, it will have different keybinds than your main account's).

Bug Fixs

The English patch is now functional once again until the next maintenance.

Closers KR Information
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» Other Timezones: 1PM PDT | 3PM EDT

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