4/7 Untranslated Patch Notes (J & Misteltein Revamp)
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Translation isn't available at the moment.
This post is solely for archive and discussion purposes, and will be deleted if the patch notes do get translated. Please use Google Translate for rough translation in the meantime.

Source: http://closers.nexon.com/news/notice/vie...esn=113032
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I haven't played with J or Misteltein that much yet, but I'm pretty sure J just dethroned Levia. He was buffed so much. Still not sure about Misteltein.

Magnesium Powder now fills the Phase Power bar. J can activate it just as often as Seha and Levia now.

Golden Time Again is now one big physical hit and I've gotten 9 million crits with it. Still on its same 30.40 cooldown. AND it now gives +20% Physical Defense Penetration.

I Feel Like Flying now ALWAYS does the tornado/grab attack. However it lost the ground punch explosion at the end of the attack. (Which doesn't matter because it still does more damage since it's all physical now.)

Misteltein's lances now land in a fixed spot in front of him. No more manual targetting.

Níðhöggr's aerial now only summons one lance.

Mjölnir was replaced with a new skill. It's basically a pushing version of Psychic Explosion.

Bifröst was replaced with an ice lance. Not sure on its effects.

March of Valhalla is now more offensive and does multiple hits to enemies within range. I think it still heals, not sure about iframes. Its cooldown time was raised however.
*cries violently about every single Misteltein change*

(04-09-2016, 02:04 PM)Endgame Wrote: Níðhöggr's aerial now only summons one lance.

Actually, it summons 2. It just summons in front of him now, instead of next to him.
Which I personally hate, but...can't really do anything about it...

It summons 2 on the ground, too.

*cries violently about every single Misteltein change again*
I don't even care about the huge damage buff, they completely changed how he plays......
Not even Seulbi revamp was this bad... Sad

I definitely prefer old Tein over current Tein, but whatever...guess I'll have to practice with this... :|

Edit: By the way I just found out you can move while using FM2 now. o_0

Bifrost was removed and replaced with Magic Spear Niflheim (thanks to Kanra for translation)

Anyways, I have some debuff/buff information for players won't can't really interpret the Korean:
Magicspear Niflheim is +Aerial, Back, Chase Critical Rate (the lowest number is for Aerial)
Nidhogg has been renamed to Magicspear Muspelheim, and no longer drops defense, but increase the amount of damage the foe takes by 5% + (0.25% per skill level; so 9.75% increase max...)
Call Lance has been renamed to Magicspear Midgard, and adds Physical/Physical Critical Damage instead.

Also, Lance Burst has been renamed to Lævateinn.
And FM3 has been renamed Valhalla's Courtyard

Oh by the way, spears don't return MP anymore. :|
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[Image: 1Ta8k6p.png]

I like Google Translate.
I've played around with J more.

-Omega-3 Rush gives an attack buff. Can be permanently maintained with 40% Cooldown Reduction.

-Healthy Morning Exercise (aerial) was buffed, but the damage still feels pretty lackluster. Headache Acupressure Method does more total damage.

-Perma-Golden Time Again is back. However, it lost the armor crash.....

-While his damage is indeed higher than Levia's now, with my J able to clear stage 10 Plane Gate stages just as quickly as my Levia in level 70 gear, he still lacks AoE skills and ranged attacks. He still has to be right on top of the enemy while he just lost the ability to hitstun bosses. While Levia's attacks have more range and allow her to get away from bosses easier. So I think Levia might still be better overall.

However, both Levia and J have an easier path to 100% Defense Penetration over everyone else. (Granted, everyone can get there now thanks to adapters.) Poor Seha isn't special anymore.....

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