Hello there, I'm Saechika. I was invited to join ClosersHQ by my friend Nirvaxstiel. I was honestly surprised as I thought ElswordHQ came up with this, but it seems my shock was for naught.
I'm glad there's an English community up, especially since CBT was confusing without help to navigate.
I hang out more in chatboxes more than forums, my chatango ID is FrozenEmperor.
Nice to meet you all!
'Sup, man.
Welcome to Closers. ~
Howdy neighbor.
4649 to you to, mgt.

Welcome to Closers HQ,

We're not really the exact same Elsword HQ team, we just decided to take part of the name. 

[Image: 52cc00fd52.png]
Do not send me private messages regarding game help.
Wlc hereeeeee orz
Seha Lvl 47 / Yuri Lvl 43 / Seulbi Lvl 29 / J Lvl 35

Seulbi : "Yuri plz" - http://prntscr.com/5obxmh
[Image: l1joBd2.png]
Kaideh 45Kudaranai 43Mitsumi 43 — Alejandro 30  — Harisu 20
ID: Kaideh
Thanks for the warm welcome guys!

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