6/18 Update changes
Since our translators have lost interest in the game (Along with most of the playerbase from the looks of things.) and don't care to do a proper translation of the patch notes, I'm writing down all the changes I've noticed:

-There was a J revamp. (A more low key one like the Seha revamp as opposed to a major one like the Yuri revamp.) However, I did one EDM run with him and the only real changes I noticed is that his basic combo and Anion Punch are faster now. I'm sure someone who mains J would be better at picking up on the differences.

-Sunwoo Lan and David Lee have new voice actors and voice clips.

-Epiloge area repeatable quests have had their requirements reduced. Now it is only 10 crystal shards and 15 dolls. The rewards are unchanged.

-Purple crystals and diamonds for Plane Gate gear are now included in daily quest rewards.

-The update did some fiddling with the ingame sound. I don't know if it's a bug or not, but some sounds are more quiet while others are louder. (NPC voice clips when standing near them are quiet, but the voice clips when talking to them are loud.)
It's not that the game in general doesn't interest me anymore, it's just that there's nothing worthwhile to translate. If I was actually fluent in Korean I'd probably do it quickly but since I have to actually spend time "decoding" Google Translate with naver and dictionaries, so to speak, it's not worth my time.

Maybe with Nata release.... :/
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Also,I wouldn't call that a "J's revamp" if it only concerns combos,yuri & seha had some of their skills changed completly,so,its not really important,beside not even the main website mentioned it as anything big :/
And i can see Naddic focusing on audio now,welp,last hope is Nata/Season2 update,whathever it is....
They also changed the glow effect of weapons:
[Image: ef3e1cad229e81306d0b918d5acce257.gif]This is +11.[Image: 4e05b7ace4fe960b83da205ab0dc96a0.gif]This is +10.[Image: 1c445b03bd7365af28e16cceb7216293.gif]This is +9.[Image: dd8d1e859aee4a829a1474d1d43089fd.gif]This is +8.
That glow effect looks nice, thanks for posting.
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The J changes isn't that big of a deal:
-80% dmg redcution during Calcium charge on ground and some bug fix

-Germanium Power now dosen't consume hp

-Vitamin Combination (or w/e the super fast punching...) stacks reduced to 10, can use all stacks at advanced and expert

-Anion punch grab movespeed and duration increased

-Finishing Move I Feel Like Soaring (Can i just say OA ult...)  is now magic dmg based on physical.

There are your changee...at least some of em...now let me be lazy again.

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