6/30 SA Seulbi Release Full Patch Notes
[Image: 45yeBZQ.gif]

1. Seulbi third promotion-related update details
   ▶ Seulbi skill changes
     - New skills have been added and some skills have been changed. Check below for more information.

[Image: a661969744.png]

   ▶ Seulbi-related changes
     - Fixed Seulbi's loading image during PvP matches, and changed the loading image to be the third promotion image.
     - Satellite Fall / Psychic Satellite / Railgun / Space Compression / Wormhole Generation voice-acting has been added.
   ▶ New Finishing Move Subway Strike for Seulbi's 3rd Promotion is not available at the Union Arena.

2. Character-related update details
  ▶ Seo Yu-ri character changes
    - Yuri Spiral: Allowed additional input from ground/air to be used 0.2 seconds faster.
                      (Dungeons / Union Arena all applicable)
    - Yuri Special: Fixed a rare issue where master cube effect did not activate.
    - Yuri Special: Re-adjusted aerial range, so it can hit enemies below you more easily.
3. Union Arena-related update details
▶ J character changes
  - From now on you will be able to use skills without consuming HP.
    - Fixed an issue where invincibility time from [Body Massage] did not work properly.
    - Fixed an issue where Finishing Move Healthy Morning Exercise's attack hitbox did not work properly.
  ▶ Seo Yuri character changes
    - Union Arena [Yuri Spiral] - Fixed a problem where the additional hit of skill did not hit.
4. Achievements-related update details
  ▶ Seulbi 3rd Job Promotion-related achievement has been added
    - Seulbi can attain achievements during the third promotion.
  ▶ Steampunk Costume-related achievement added
    - A steampunk costume-related achievement has been added.
  ▶ Removal of old event titles.
    - Changed all no longer accessible event titles to be completely invisible.
    - Can still wear already acquired titles.
  ▶ Special Operations Area achievement modified
    - Special Operations Area achievement contents have been modified.
    - [Solo] clear has been changed to [Party] clear.
5. Costume relevant update details
  ▶ Added "Steam Punk" Costume.
  ▶ Added Special Agent Seulbi Costume:
    - Special Agent Seulbi Costume consists of one-piece / hair / armband parts and accessories.
  ▶ Seulbi Black Lambs jacket has been modified.
    - Fixed issue with Cry-emote while wearing Black Lambs outfit
  ▶ Seo Yuri Gentle Spring Breeze shoes modified.
6. Monster relevant update details
  ▶ Monsters in Gangnam GGV. (Old) Guro Station, Shingang Highschool, G Tower Rooftop, and International Airport have their Attack and HP slightly increased
7. Dungeon relevant update details
  ▶ Add Special Agent Promotion Dungeon
    - [Advancement Training Program : Vites], [Advancement Training Program : Mephisto], [Advancement Training Program : Final Trial] added.
  ▶ Nightmare World : Abyss entry level was changed to 67. (Previously 70)
8. Item-related update details
  ▶ Added 3rd Promotion Equipment.
      ∙ 3rd Job Shield item that can be acquired upon completion of promotion quest has been added.
  ▶ 99 per missing item re-packaging the number of modifications
    - The item number of possible re-packaging of some items Fixed an issue that did not apply to 99 circuits.
    - The corresponding items are as follows:
      ∙ air superiority Wand / air superiority of the blunt / air superiority whips / personnel to rectify the sword / agents ssanggeom probation / probation agents Wand /
        The concentration camp guard ring / guard dog collar / no-doll eyes
9. Union Store-related update details
  ▶ Items in the Union Store have been modified.
    - Adult package of Mini-Seulbi added.
    - Harpy costumes have been added.
    - Various Packages have ended.
10. Quest relevant update details
  ▶ 3rd Job Promotion Quest
    - The quests related to Seulbi's Special Agent have been added.
      Official Agent Seulbi over level 67 can accept the quest.
    - When you complete the quest, you will receive the promotion emote.
  ▶ Tiamat Operations Center quest changes
    - Required number of quest completions for [White / Black Crystals] has been reduced from 10 to 3.
    - Level limit of this quest has been reduced to 67. (Previously 70)
  ▶ The first quest preceding Plane Gate region is removed.
  ▶ Official Agent quest rewards have been changed.
    - The existing timed 1-Star Costumes for Official Agents (all members) have been changed to 3-Star Costumes.
  ▶ The initial quests preceding International Airport Area have been removed.
11. Event-related update details
  ▶ Special Agent Event
    - Special Agent Seulbi event lasts from Thursday, June 30th to July 14th.
    - When you create a Seulbi during the event you will receive one Seulbi Rapid Growth Box per Nexon ID.
    - During the event, if you clear a dungeon with Seulbi that consumes more than 10 Stamina:
      [Special Agent Commission - Seulbi] will be dropped.
  ▶ Weekend Login Event
    - When connected during the weekend during the event, receive rewards once per Nexon ID.
      Login / 30 minutes / 60 minutes / 90 minutes / 120 minutes (Cumulative)
▶New user, returning user event re-added
  - New user and returning user event from Thursday, June 30th until Thursday, July 21st.
      ※ New Closer: New accounts created after Thursday, June 30th.
                      Upon initial login, receive [New Closer Summer Welcome Box] once per Nexon ID.
      ※ Returning Closer: Account has not been online since Wednesday, June 1st at 8:00 a.m.
                      Upon login, the first character will receive [Early Returning Closer Summer Welcome Box] once per Nexon ID.
    - For the first cumulative day when returning to Closers, you will be given up to 5 items while online.
    - Can receive rewards for 6:30 cumulative login time, 3 Red Light and Blue Light tokens will be given out during the event.
  ▶ Additional Coin costume exchange event
    - Exchange coins costume event lasts from Thursday, June 30th until July 21st.
    - You will receive one coin after 30 minutes (cumulative) while online during the event. (Two on weekends)
    - You can create a permanent costume using a these coins!

  ▶ Rapid Growth! Here comes the storm! Buff Added
    - The special boost event since Thursday, May 30th will continue until Thursday, July 7th.
    - An additional 100% EXP Buff will apply every day during the event.
    - Buff will be added to existing boost.
  ▶ Special Agent Outfit - To celebrate Special Agent Seulbi's release, 1-Star Costume Package [No Duration] can be crafted.
    - Only Seulbi's at Level 67 and above can participate, from Thursday, June 30th to August 25th.
    - While running Special Agent Promotion dungeons during the event, you will receive [Promotional Memory Stick].
    - After getting the materials, it can be crafted once per character at the Tiamat Operations Center crafting machine.
    - Promotional Memory Stick, SA Outfit Crafting Option will be removed on Thursday, September 8th at 8AM (KST).
12. Crafting-related update details
  ▶ Mabinogi Duel event tab has been removed.
  ▶ [PC room stuff]
  ▶ Arena Point list has been updated.
13. Help-related update details
  ▶ EX Skill details have been added to the Help menu.
14. Costume-related update details
  ▶ Steam Punk costume added.
    - Steam Punk, a new costume, has been added.
    - Existing gacha Costumes are removed.
15. Pet-related update details
   New Mini-Pet ▶ Seulbi
    - The mini pet "Seulbi" has been added.
16. Emote-related update details
  ▶ Fixed an issue where Seulbi's knives wouldn't appear during pirate emote.
  ▶ Fixed a strange animation issue with Face (Nose) part during the pirate emote.
  ▶ Fixed an issue where you could an ally with the pirate cannon emote in a dungeon.
17. Black Market update details
  ▶ Combination Part category has been added to the black market.
18. Other update details
  ▶ Login screen has been changed.
  ▶ Character Creation Window UI has changed.
    - A new second button has been added so characters have 2 videos each.
    - A character-specific special agent introduction video has been added.
    - Characters other than Seulbi will play a short video with the phrase 'DATA NOT READY'.
  ▶ Fixed an issue where the Circle room was cutting off edges.
 ▶ Fixed an issue with moving to the character selection screen.

Teleia - Level 70 Caster
무한의Hope - Level 61 Witch
Account ID: EDream
Great article. The Seulbi skill changes are quite impressive and outstanding. I appreciate these new skills.
 wings io

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