AO J Skills
I expected somthing more tho, more headbutting ground or something? I'm anyway going to play him.... if closers will come to EU someday.~
I think skill aren't so bad, still Seulbi has more potential to cleaning? I don't know how to put it on words she's just beast. xD
[Image: 104215454_wnenaxx.jpg]
(01-07-2015, 02:45 PM)Khleys Wrote: Never knew that :o
Good to know~

...but still, Laundry Hanger.
Do you not watch wrestling?
Do we have to watch wrestling just to get some of the weird way they name skills o.O

Why so cryptic naddic =.=
It's a common wrestling term. So common, even people not into wrestling would understand it.
(03-10-2015, 11:45 PM)Nova Wrote: It's a common wrestling term. So common, even people not into wrestling would understand it.

I think you're overestimating the popularity of wrestling...

Besides, when it comes to a person who has grown up in the rurals, clothesline only means
[Image: Clothes_line.JPG]

But my god, are wrestling fans incapable of comprehending stupid jokes?

Pulling Pierce's name transliterates to LAUNDRY HANGER.
J has a skill named CLOTHES LINE.


Well, whatever.
If you wanna keep looking down at me for not knowing a term in wrestling despite this being a gaming forum for an anime-style game, then go ahead. Whatever makes you happy. Big Grin

Also, I think it would be a bad idea to continue this conversation. It's already stemming off the main topic.
No longer active
Not even a wrestling fan anymore. It got old and even the TV networks stopped showing it. And I wasn't looking down on you at all. I just thought it would be common knowledge for a lot of people. At least for the ones that can afford an internet connection. Plus, coming across wrestling one way or another is not that hard. all things considered.

But yes, you are right. We are digressing from the topic.

I want to know how Space Drop is going to work on large enemies that can't be grabbed.
Because when someone gets an internet connection, the first thing they do is watch oily muscle-bound guy fail acting punching each other in the face o.O

Clothesline for me is still a damn clothesline, ask any random person and they will tell you like it is like 90% chance o.O
Coming across =/= intentionally searching. Also, considering wrestling is a sport(it being scripted notwithstanding), I figure most people would have heard the term passing by. Whatever, let's just drop the topic of clotheslines now. It's clear not everyone watches sports. If it was a joke to begin with, sorry if it flew over my head. Darn young'uns.

OA J trailer's up. Disregard the leaks as the finalized skills are better in every way.
Agent official is more OP than Official agent? :/

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