[ASK] Daily Quest and Skill
How to finish these quests ?
which dungeon i should clear in quest #2 because i can't find it anywhere
[Image: 2j4ecm1.png]

why i can't put any sort of skills in that empty slot ?
[Image: nmiv5k.png]
I think those are the dungeons with red exclamation point.
[Image: 2hi70r6.gif]
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The empty slot is for finisher moves option cubes,you buy them from costume enhancing NPC,you can't use basic ones on finisher moves.
Okay, my bad...apparently naddic changed around some things, you don't need party anymore.
The second one is '붉은 회랑', Red Corridor.

Meaning this dungeon: http://i.imgur.com/8C4xx7d.jpg (the one with red mark)

Unfortunately, day probably already passed but you can still use for future reference ;;
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aka,the last dungeon on area 3,any difficulty,one says do it twice,the other says get SS+ twice on it,doing it twice with SS should complete both ^_^!

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