[ASK]Small damage at lv50++ need help !
Seha sensei

Can you tell me high end equip for seha ? because everytime i did party dungeon in area 5 v.hard, my rank result in technic always around C-S.

My Physical damage is 3677
For module,

If you have enough money for Red Scavenger Watches (붉은색 스캐빈저 워치) and have enough of these things: [Image: 68b1451bdaa36be7f49be490dca28e91.png]
(can't buy)

Craft this: http://closers.inven.co.kr/dataninfo/ite...e=20155023
Get 3 if possible.

If you don't have the money for it, or you can't craft, or you don't have enough for three, use this as a placeholder:

You have to search it on board by looking for 윈드 제네레이터.
Try to get purple text copies (that's the grade of the item, click here for image of where it is), those are the ones with the highest stats.

+7 all of your modules. (+6 if you don't have the money)

As for Core (main weapon), tell me what weapon you are using now.
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(04-02-2015, 11:03 PM)hikozaa Wrote: can i ask how much is your physical damage now ?

Definitely lower than yours, I don't have the time to gear up.

You may be asking yourself, "then why are you giving me advice?"
Well, gear is simple enough to speak based on numbers rather than experience.

But I re-read the thread...
Low technic is usually due to overgearing, not the other way around. :/

Because you play Seha (a character that lacks AoE) in party, it's natural that you would get a low technic score.

If you need a high technic score, I would solo.
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Thanks bro !
Get 3 lv 50 modules that are crafted using red goblin heads. +9 3 of them. Get a random lv 50/53 weapon. +9 it. You should have at least 6 to 7k. Grind epilogue secret dungeon. Craft legendary boxes. +9 sword/dual blade/claw/whip. 8~9k DPS. Collect credits/spam NX. Craft +10/11. Become God :^)
+10 lvl 50 core will solve most of the problem
still haven't finish it yet, but this is my build

[Image: 83df4d2f50.jpg]
For damage,pretty much what they said,SeaDa is probably using a +11~13,but you don't need that to reach 7k~8k dps,i know a person who got 7.8k dps with a +9 Lv47 elite scythe,modules are +9 Lv50 goblin (boss drop),i'm using Lv37 boss modules and crafted Lv50 ones,my best is 6k dps,even if my weapon is +9 and have the same dmg as that scythe.
[Image: 34944228a869ce87c853b29a3a12a13a.jpg]
very simple my friend
this is the ultimate answer!
[Image: ac0df5b444c5df555557578f4531103d.jpg]
will reach 12k dps at lvl 51 XD

[Image: 10630641_554469891361788_1271239927567935642_o.jpg]

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