About building stat for Yuri
Excuse me, i'm playing Yuri and recently, i feel like i'm too weak so i manage to build my stat again.
But the thing is i don't know should i build crit or should i build damage penetration, can any pro give me some advice ?
Thank you.
I actually forget defense penetration stat exists because of how extremely easy it is to get critical damage in this game.
There's critical damage passive, and critical damage stat is just given away like candy on Halloween.

So basically, go crit. I'm not going to deny that def. penetration is good, but

...CRIT DAMAGE IS JUST SO EASY TO GET... (Hails has converted me)

Also, here's an equipment guide by Ruecian if you need additional help picking gear: http://closershq.com/Discussion-General-...-Equipment

If you're level 50 or higher, you could still use it but there is definitely better gear for that level now
I don't know too many details about Area-E gears though :x
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As someone who's come from Diablo 3, I guarantee you that ttacking Crit Chance + Crit Damage in any game that lets you do it is pretty much the best thing you can do. (Granted, doing that in Closers involves a good deal of pay2win.....)

Although I doubt Closers lets you get around 300+% CHD like D3 does on top of Yuri being split between physical and magic CHC and CHD.....

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