Account & IGN Thread
Silently added myself. Drop me a heads up before you add me so I know you are not some random Korean person.
Attack for the hit, fight for the win.

Seha - Kurloth // Seulbi - Pekmez // Yuri - Almiah // J - SpikedPunch // Misteltein - DrillingKick

Nata - Reebun // Levia - Mirnea // Harpy - Neola
Added my info~
You can add me anytime ^^
What a nice way to get an IGN list, lol.

I hope none of you mind if I add everyone on here, if I haven't already. c:
Submitted mine! Let me know if you've added me so I know who's who.
Anyone feel free to add me, no need to ask permission.

If you add me please be sure to tell me so I can keep track.
[Image: 4jZCIZZ.gif]
Forgot that you have to make an account name so that's why it's Clovers for me, lol.
You don't need permission to add me. I'm free whenever I'm on.  Sleepy
Same as everyone else, feel free to add me Smile
Likewise, please go ahead and add me!

I don't want to be lonely.

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» Other Timezones: 1PM PDT | 3PM EDT

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» 6/30 SA Seulbi Release
» 8/11 SC Levia Release

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» Global Version Update 2016.06
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