Account & IGN Thread

Feel free to add me!
can add me anytime.....
Don't need my permission to add me. Feel free o/

Casually added myself in. Do what you like.
Submitted! Feel free to add my main and alt any time :3
mine is : Acc name --> Sayto
IGN : Serika

feel free :p
[Image: 922634Serika.png]
Serika (Yuri) lvl 46 / Takuya (Seha) lvl 25 / My Website
IGN : 하은이

Yep, I am Korean. Feel free to add me.

Unless the character above somehow shows in weird ways, just copy and paste.

I might be able to help you out if you get stuck.

Also, if you need translation, go ahead and ask.

P.S If you see me when you logged in and you have added me into your list,
PLEASE introduce yourself to me, cause I don't want some 'weirdo' in my list.
IGNs:Tai, Shoujo, Paula
Forum name:Tai
[Image: apPbg0f.gif]
Account name: FucSh1a
Yuri: Stellarr (main)

Feel free to add me =). My friends list is lonely..

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