Account/Load-up Load Up Nexon Cash [w/ Video]
For details on how to buy Nexon Cash pls visist: PinCoins Option (slow) unlimited purchases
or Seagm Option (Fast) have weekly buying limit of 500USD i think.

This is the tutorial on how to load up on all 3 kinds of cards Nexon use.

For OnCash Payment options choose this:
If you have any question please do reply or send me a private message i will help as much as i can.

leave a like if i help out, it makes me feel awesome Big Grin

also rate it *^* thanks for viewing

--- Closers Online Best ---
Thanks for the guide, m8!

(01-08-2015, 10:22 PM)Nirvaxstiel Wrote: Thanks for the guide, m8!

my pleasure m8
Bump with updated method
Updated with Oncash option
hmm how much on cash limit charge / month ?
nvm  on cash limit seems around 120k
it should be 150K each type of card, and spending limit is 500K per account
if u watch this video and skip to the part where i hit the spending limit u will see the 500K spending bullshit nexon does
Also in this video i load up 150K each type of card


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