Account Unlocking Nexxon Cash Account
Hey guys,

I was wondering if you guys know how to unlock it. I mean, I have my account and it's working as intended, but:

[Image: 1PljrKW.png]

As you can see, it's locked and I can't verify it. Is there a way to verify via email or is it going to be forever locked? Please let me know here so I know to unlock it.

Thanks for reading this post.

Ayuki Holmes.
ur screenshot is broken upload it to imgur
There, it's reloaded with the new pic. Is there another way to unlock it other than the KSSR thing? I mean, if it wasn't fully validated, I wouldn't be playing, period. And yet I am able to play fully without problems. So, any ideas on how to unlock it? Also, as a side note, this is another clue to the puzzle about unlocking it as well:

[Image: JkQUPQZ.png]
So, I hope this helps too.
I think my account need verification as well
Somehow i cant collect the items that ive sold in black market
also this pop up everytime i went to their web
[Image: 17uXv4NpTISndu8wfD6qvw.png]
[Image: SdF0YKB.png]

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