[Active] サイレントヴァンキッシュ (Silent Vanquish)
[Image: 333adzk.png]

About サイレントヴァンキッシュ:
  • Current circle level 5 (formed 11/10/15)
  • Friendly members, don't be afraid to ask
    (even though we don't read Japanese, we translate what we can lol)
New Recruit Requirements:
  • Must bind your account with Google Authenticator or your ID will be banned if you're using random VPNs,
    I don't have any responsible towards your banned ID since I've warned you here
  • Your level is not important, any level are welcomed
  • Should be able to speak English / Bahasa Indonesia (or we can't understand you)
  • Active for at least once every 8 days, or dismissal
  • When your character is lv 27+, EDM are not a must,
    but preferable to do it when you had the chance. This is to help us to level up the circle

Currently 2 slot(s) available! (38/40)

Contact Us though this forum post / In Game if you're interested on joining!
Leader's Username: Setsurei / find me on Closers HQ chat, the username is also Setsurei
Vice-Leaders' Username: Drey
Hello I would like to join this circle.

IGN: Bound
(10-14-2015, 01:38 AM)Bound Wrote: Hello I would like to join this circle.

IGN: Bound

alright, I've accepted the friend request, will invite you when you'll go online
I'd like to join too

IGN : Leonmitchely
(10-19-2015, 05:00 AM)Leonmitchelli Wrote: I'd like to join too

IGN : Leonmitchely

@Leonmitchely: sorry the slot was full m(_ _)m

@Bound: I didn't see you online these past weeks orz
tell me if you have free slot
3 slots
=.= any free slot now? i would like to join.
hm, can i join? IGN : Katsuragii
(11-27-2015, 06:00 PM)xx0099xx Wrote: =.= any free slot now? i would like to join.

(11-28-2015, 05:01 PM)Katsuragi Wrote: hm, can i join? IGN : Katsuragii

will add both of you when you're online, message me lol

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