[Active] 魔王学園96小隊 (Maou Academy: The 96th Test Platoon)
(01-17-2016, 12:20 PM)XUNCHii Wrote: Hihi! Sure, you are welcome to join us Smile
Are you online in game now?

Sorry for the late reply.. Sad 
Im kinda busy this lately and didnt have time to play.
But ill might get free around in 3 or 4 more days.
Ill pm chu went it times. Big Grin
Just an reminder, I'll be away, and possible not able to log-on for these date

01/30~01/31(Going to Taipei Game Show and Taiwan Comiket Fancy Frontier)
02/03~02/15(Chinese new year, will be traveling to China to visit families)
Just wondering if you're still an active circle.  Been playing quite a bit and now that I'm in the 50's I need party's for runs but can never get any.  Would like to join if you still have room.  IGN: トキナラ I main Mitoko.
can i join ? my ign:ShinoaYagyu
Is this Circle still active? If so, I would like to join

Sorry but this circle is down due to members getting ban hammer. Sorry again. Some of us moved to korean server. We might be back again, so, until then, this circle is inactive. Sorry for not changing, since our promoter herself is busy.

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