[Active] English Circle : Aby recruitment
Currently recruiting~
Please contact or add me as friend if you want to join :3
Open for everyone.

Member: 19/20

Closer ID : xRecognize
IGN : 輝夜の歌

Closer ID : レアン
Ah, this thread was created in excellent timing. I was searching for English circles not but a few minutes ago. xD

I'll go ahead and contact you in-game in a bit.
I would love to join the circle.
[Image: Fate_Stay_Night_-_Shirou_Fights_Archer.gif]
Id Love to Join your Circle IGN Kenshin 
Btw ive seen everyone IGN'S in Japanese am i screwed since mine is english?
Hi, can I join in your Circle please ?  Smile
IGN: AkameGaKiru (Yuri Asuma)
will add you guys later
(08-28-2015, 09:35 PM)xRecognize Wrote: will add you guys later
I think you need too add me again i think i hit Deny. im not sure   Undecided
Moved to Circles Forum
Do not send me private messages regarding game help.
If you have anymore room can you add me I just started a few days ago my ign is s0ewhat
I wanna join you guys ^^

IGN: メディック

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