[Active] Innocence Circle
We are active(most of us), some stay off for a little while until a major update. We don't really talk a lot but you're welcome to talk a lot if you like(Just no over hyped talking, mostly laid back.) If you take the game too seriously and don't like sarcastic joking, you probably shouldn't join the circle.

Members: 40/50

Circle level: 6

  • Don't scam
  • Don't be rude
  • Must speak English
  • Be nice
  • Don't be too annoying(Like over hyping or overuse of "lol xD xD xD wAFJDZFZKFSJWA"
Obviously, stuff like "lol xD" is allowed but don't over use it for my sake and yours, okay.

To join just reply here and tell me you'd like to join,Update: Current Leader is Jason.H no. 5188 ( in #)On discord message me if u want entry into the dankest guild newly level 6.   
send a request on closers to Innocence to add me, Jessie™ on discord to shoot me a pm.
 That's pretty much it, welcome if you decide to join and thanks for reading!
sure, ill join. Im updating right now. Im usually off till an update so my updating takes forever.
I'd like to join if any admin is on, just started playing and am really enjoying the game so far.
My main agent is Harpy and the Ign is RoseDelstar
I would like to join Innocence please! I started not too long ago and I need people to talk to ingame. My Ingame name is RYMERO2001.

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