[Active] NiNeLie Circle [Phase 4]
Big Grin 
Circle's current status:
[Image: xqUUQsY.png]
Hmmmm, not putting anything too overrated or nice for now, so, kinda put up with it first. Sorry.

Anyways, a new circle with just too little amount of people in it. Save us o newcomers! -but make sure you got time to spend with us-

Yeah, that's kinda all for now. -for now-

  • Friendly
  • Chats with me and the rest of the circle members.
  • Newcomer/Current/Old player/Lonely Wolves, I'm just looking for new friends, honest. -cries-
  • IceKun/IceChan,[Image: fMEws4X.png], bugged me for this, find him. -He has 100k dps now. So really, find him.-
How to join?
Just reply here with your list of characters with the levels and reason for joining.

How do you know that we accept you?
I will personally PM you with further instruction, that is not really that long. It might be long for some of you due to my irregular sleeping time.

Advantages in joining us:
  • Advises on how to acquire items, events or stuffs.
  • Explore new stuffs with us.
  • Getting new friends. 
  • Nightmare raids are easier to do with us.
  • Constant PG runs.
  • Circle's own mini-event.
  • Nearly full guide for members.
  • No free items unless someone is happy to give you. 
  • Constantly having your discord chat going almost endlessly when most members are on9. [Mostly cause of me, I'm sorry!]
  • Having a useless leader. -That's right, me.-
  • Having random topics or arguments.
  • Have to solo mostly for lower dungeons. -There's a lot of annoying solo dungeon quest, so yeah, sorry.-
Thank you.

Yours faithfully,
SantaDes (a.k.a Demon Cat Lord)
[Image: DZtE4M8.png]
P.S. This will be updated to look more cool, I'm just too lazy now. Vote me for Sloth King please.
May I join ? I am a little tired of soloing. I also prefer a smaller circle. 

My characters are 

Zarafinna, Amphion and Rerinde.
Could I join?
My characters are:
Jennasaur & Jennasaurus.
We are still recruiting if anyone want to join O_O.
Could i join? even though im  a little new
any one from midwest am on from central time chciago IL in morning 10 am and some pm

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